The current state of affairs: By now almost everyone who’s read this blog once over the past few months must be aware of my struggle with suffixes of the respectful kind. In a nutshell, this is how the situation stands.


Lateral Progression Indeed!

Lateral Progression Indeed!

11 thoughts on “progression?

  1. Praveen: Bingo! You are an attentive reader and retainer too! :D

    Whencut: Yesyes, lol away! To answer your question “Edo, edusthunna!” :p

    Naren: This is very specific to our NK. I didn’t reply to his email when he addressed me (ji) so he must have switched to (gaaru) in the next just to appease. In case you wondering HE put the parentheses, not me!

    lol@rads behen. Na, thankfully no :)

  2. La Vida: ayyoooo noooo. Rads would suit me just fine! Especially by peers, in fact even hi-schoolers and college kids call me Raddy!

    Adithya: Adi! Me no maami, even with the mookuthi! :p
    In fact you are the Mambalam maama :P

    Maverick: lol! Kids under 13 is acceptable. After that I insist on my name. :)

    Frankly, adding a suffix onto a name doesn’t prove a thing! Not tagging it on does’nt mean there isn’t regard/respect and vice versa. Some just don’t get it!

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