whose wallet did you fatten?

I was browsing some blogs and came across this meme that asked the question “what did you buy today”, and figured hey, why not make a post of it? Then as I started typing this down, I realized what kinda lame life I actually lead since I really haven’t been on any shopping binge (I had the plan all set out and was completely stumped by a swollen knee and a very charming orthopedist, can’t get into it now, but i promise I will soon!) recently, and after reading what I bought recently (since no one really shops on weekdays) you shall agree that I do live a no-life indeed.

So projecting the shopping days far back into the weekend, let me list where I blew the husband’s hard earned money:

1. Bought Aspirin for mom and a pack of whole wheat mini-bagels on Tuesday. $7 I think.

2. A cold pack for my knee on Monday. $8 or so.

3. Sunday I blew a large amount on the DSP concert, some samosas (which were terrible), and ice cold water (which was heavenly), a tall white chocolate mocha with whipped cream for me and a double choc chip frappucino for daughter at starbucks before the show. Not adding it up as I may not really want to know.

4. Aeropostale has a $20 sale off jeans apparently. It’s tempting, but I shall wait in the hope that I shed a few pounds before Fall hits and then I shall not have to squeeze myself into the size I think I am and actually not!

Care to list and show me how you are living better off than me? Please, make my day! Vicarious living is so much fun, I swear!