17 thoughts on “intense craving

  1. what have you done rads. piping hot rice, gongura pachadi and onion. and also add some fried garlic to the pachadi. i hope to find this stuff in the patels tomorrow.

  2. Inga nalla sambar ke vazhi illa. Idhula Gongura pachadi kekudha! I am happy with Ruchi Gongura pickle.

    I think I saw it in the Indian store here. Not sure!

  3. Apple: Really? Now I don’t feel so bad. Occasionally ikkada Indian store lo dorukutundi, but adi manam eppudo chesukunna punyam meeda aadharapadi untundi :)

    WickedT: yesyes, craving. *sigh

    LaVidaLoca: Nono, this is Sorrel leaves. Sour and tangy, makes a great chutney and daal. Mint is abundantly found around no?

    Maverick: Ruchi eh? hmm.. I guess Ruchi’s better than not having a taste at all. But yes, Onion on the side is the best way to have it. Ever tried with a green chilli? :D

    Priya: haha, kaadu. I live on the east coast. :)

    Prvaeen: Gee thanks! :)

    Adithya: My condolences. Ruchi doesn’t hold a teeny candle to the original. I have better hope on the Korean store than the desi guy…
    I recently found out some farm in MD allows one to go pluck leaves fresh off the plant for a price. Thought someone would clue me in, paatha, onnuthukku mela onnu mosama going here the replies! :\

    Boosmom: Did you find it? Patels is like a mecca here too, but I checked with him and he says he can’t find any :(

    Sush: lol, so can I come by? :D

    Ferrari: Super brilliant answer pa. Fat load of good that does to my craving :P

  4. aithe nenu baaga confuse ayyanu! hmph, malli me blog posts anni chadavali ;) Its sheer luck to find these in the stores, and fresh ones at that! Cincinnati lo unappudu dorike chances ekkuva undevi, but Cleveland lo antha luck ledu :(

  5. Priya: O really? Okay, it’s time to plant seeds and harvest our own then. Buy a pot and some soil, let’s try green thumbing? :)

    nrsl: haha, you too? :)

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