intense craving

For gongura pachadi:

Anyone know where I can get this? Like pronto, yesterday, this minute?!


17 thoughts on “intense craving

  1. what have you done rads. piping hot rice, gongura pachadi and onion. and also add some fried garlic to the pachadi. i hope to find this stuff in the patels tomorrow.

  2. Inga nalla sambar ke vazhi illa. Idhula Gongura pachadi kekudha! I am happy with Ruchi Gongura pickle.

    I think I saw it in the Indian store here. Not sure!

  3. Apple: Really? Now I don’t feel so bad. Occasionally ikkada Indian store lo dorukutundi, but adi manam eppudo chesukunna punyam meeda aadharapadi untundi :)

    WickedT: yesyes, craving. *sigh

    LaVidaLoca: Nono, this is Sorrel leaves. Sour and tangy, makes a great chutney and daal. Mint is abundantly found around no?

    Maverick: Ruchi eh? hmm.. I guess Ruchi’s better than not having a taste at all. But yes, Onion on the side is the best way to have it. Ever tried with a green chilli? :D

    Priya: haha, kaadu. I live on the east coast. :)

    Prvaeen: Gee thanks! :)

    Adithya: My condolences. Ruchi doesn’t hold a teeny candle to the original. I have better hope on the Korean store than the desi guy…
    I recently found out some farm in MD allows one to go pluck leaves fresh off the plant for a price. Thought someone would clue me in, paatha, onnuthukku mela onnu mosama going here the replies! :\

    Boosmom: Did you find it? Patels is like a mecca here too, but I checked with him and he says he can’t find any :(

    Sush: lol, so can I come by? :D

    Ferrari: Super brilliant answer pa. Fat load of good that does to my craving :P

  4. aithe nenu baaga confuse ayyanu! hmph, malli me blog posts anni chadavali ;) Its sheer luck to find these in the stores, and fresh ones at that! Cincinnati lo unappudu dorike chances ekkuva undevi, but Cleveland lo antha luck ledu :(

  5. Priya: O really? Okay, it’s time to plant seeds and harvest our own then. Buy a pot and some soil, let’s try green thumbing? :)

    nrsl: haha, you too? :)

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