9 thoughts on “rhetoric

  1. Yes.

    A very recent example would be people writing reviews for Dasavatharam. Though the movie may not have gone down well with them, they write good reviews because they are passionately in love with the actor called Kamal Haasan.

  2. I have that kind of a relationship with certain kinds of alcoholic beverages, where I love that beverage very much but hate the hangover it leaves in the morning, but I think that is not what you are talking about. I also have a friend whom I love very much, from my college days in fact, whose main occupation in life is extracting little pieces of snot from his nose, rolling them into neat, spherical shapes and sticking them underneath his chair. That characteristic I don’t like. I haven’t shaken his hand for like three decades.

  3. uhmm, possible and this is my silly take– lurve clubbing, id’ing and losers found in plenty there…me no like! :D *ducks before rotten tomatoes are thrown*

    @adi – chumma adi-rudhu! :P

  4. Kiddo: LOL. :)

    Wt: hahaha :)

    Praveen: Yea, am sure too :)

    Naren: My son has a classmate such too! ew tho! :\

    Adithya: Sure, it makes sense, though I’d probably chalk it to being faithful :)

  5. The difference between love-with-liking-details and love-without-liking-details is the same as the difference between dining and eating.

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