a crystal day

Remembering the firsts:

conversation and nod

smile, a consequent blush

holding hands

the excited flow of words

the rush of the emotion

the silence in between

the kiss as a man and wife

and the love that held it all.

15 years ago this day

seems like yesterday.

31 thoughts on “a crystal day

  1. All: Thanks :)
    ‘Aww’ is one way of saying it, the other way is ‘darnit, 15 years?! How did we survive staying together! :p

    party? It would be a consolation if we can make it through a calm unhurried dinner at the right time.

  2. Fifteen years ago, this was my poonal day! Upanayanam, whatever. So, easy to remember :p

    That means fifteen years ago, this day, both of us were center of attention :p …hehe

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary….wish many many many more to come.

    ps., i wrote a comment before also, but somehow that did not appear.

  4. Thanks a bunch folks, especially the newbies for taking the time to wish and comment :)

    Priya: Pelli Pustakam dialog laga undi. :D Thankuthanku :)

    Schmetterling: It’s a funny thing about the good stuff. It always stays on, the annoying or sad details though may look like they’ve created a bigger stir in you, eventually fade out quick. At least it does for me. :)

    Sush: aw, thanks ammayi :)

    pri: hehe, I got married off while in the cradle ;)

    Naren, Solitaire, Zeyne, a muser, Silvara, A-Kay and Loga: Thank you, and in case anyone’s interested, we did of course fight and later on, kissed and made up and called it a day after all 5 of us dug into a huge plate of warm brownie and vanilla ice cream with a generous drizzle of chocolate syrup!

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