an equation





25 thoughts on “an equation

  1. Saturday 6:00AM – cabbed to office
    Saturday: 1:45AM – Cabbed to Home
    Sunday: 10:00AM – Swipped in
    Sunday 12:42PM – Working
    Sunday 12:00 AM – Will still be working
    to be continued….

    so… u r not alone

  2. schmetterling: Thank you! :-)

    Giri: That’s my whole peeve. The point that all of us are in such a state…

    SK: Yep, I know. :-)

    Aditya: Yep. I do plan on chilling soon. Re-org priorities and such. :-)

  3. Monday morning waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and husband wanted to sit and talk over a glass of scotch till 1:30 on sunday night.

  4. boosmom: This is too much! here I am dying and you say scotch, husband and 1.30 at night all in the same breath! :\

    Vijay: Saw it, will do. It’s quite a fine one. :-)

    Maverick: Monday morning blues aa? hmm.. then it’s monday mornings on loop for me for the past few weeks.

    Vijay: hehe, that helps. :-)
    yea.. watch this space for some bizarre announcements …

    CM: ah goody, you may join the club. I can give you my seat :-)

  5. Ow I know I know! Last night was up till 2 am and woke up at 6 to resume…I’m thinking of chucking even the bonus that is due in 2 months and running off to the Himalayas…you can join me!!

  6. aww.. hang in there girl! I’ve come to appreciate you SO much for the superwoman that you really are, it wont be long before you’re back to your superwoman self!


  7. whoa! suddenly my pastel-background’s dotted with colorful blogspot kaleidoscopes! very nice indeed. Please tell me you are all seeing it too?

    sushma: Yes, I suppose it does. Just that I dont want to continue to feel that..

    CW: LOL! Girl, I knew you’d say that. :-)
    Now that you say it, you are right. The possibilities are fun indeed..

    mayG: aw. Thank you! I hardly am, especially how I see myself now :\

    GDS: Himalayas are too cold, spiritual and saintly. Am hooking to Hawaii. You may come along ;-)

  8. To a housewife(read me)first it is Monday then Tuesday is the new Monday and like the way you guys have a long weekend at times it is long Monday all the time.
    Something like ‘Fifty First Dates’ :)
    some consolation that, officegoers! :)
    Hello Rads, am back with a bang in your blog!!!

  9. daisy: How can I not smile after all you sweet people’s show of caring!
    Yes, after Monday I’d be a bird with some majorly hyper-active wings. :-)

    Ramesh: Thank you! I’d forgotten all about that post. Appreciate your linking that up.. Couldn’t have asked for better timing. :-)

    Priya: Ive been there for a longer time than I wanted, now all I want to do is go back there, or at least halfway there.
    Yes, u so are back! I just thought you never left but was being silent ;-p

    CW: hehe ;-)

    Silvara: yea, I know. Just hoping it will at super sonic speeds too :-)

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