…just a bit. Ever felt you were at the right place but at the wrong time in your life? No matter how much you want to make believe that it doesn’t matter?

Choices. Paths. Options.

Ambitions and Dreams.

Duties and Responsibilities.

Priorities and Luxuries.

Conscience. Happiness. Contentment.


28 thoughts on “lost

  1. Hinting at meeting a soulmate after 10 years into marriage ? :)

    Right place at the right time is good to hear in fantasy stories and movies. If one really wants something, place and time shouldn’t matter that much..

  2. Amazing, how many people empathize, eh? I guess we all make choices, and sacrificies and ruminate over might-have-beens. I like to think that I am past that point, but I am a frequent visitor.

  3. Boy, this sure touched a nerve with so many of you eh? :-)

    Laksh: Do it. Don’t hesitate about any kind of studies. My 2 cents. :-)

    Munimma: Yeah, in a morbid way it’s comforting to know most of us occasionally make a trip down “coulda”

    Saagar: Die hard optimism is one thing, reality is another. There are somethings that just add stress more than happiness when the moment isn’t right.
    hehe@soulmate, such folks exist? :-p

    Aditya: The gita is one amazing book. :-)

    Usha: Not you too! :-)

    sb: We all learn to live and move on. I am guessing most of you are debating about the past and how that could have been made different. Am thinking of present. What seems perfect now, would’ve been sweeter and paved various paths if the opportunity only arose a few years ago.

    CW: Totally! :-) Not enough we crib about our live on earth, we need other planets in the mix too eh? :-)

    Nandita: Dear girl, am okay. I always am. Ultimately. Thank you :-)

    MayG: Sucks eh? :\

    SK: yeah. You wouldn’t know, what with traipsing Israel and all :-p

    Prestid: You wouldn’t believe how alike we all are deep down actually! :-)

    Vijay: :-)

  4. I think I’m the anomaly in the crowd here – I feel I boarded the right train.
    Hasten to add – I did have a brief “coulda, shoulda” moment today while driving away from Costco without buying any rice.

  5. I have heard that Telugu people who feel twinges of remorse about things they have done are said to suffer from a Gulty conscience. Hope that makes you feel better :)

    (PS – I don’t know if that term is offensive. If it is, a thousand apologies. We have a couple of Andhra pals whom we’ve been calling Gult 1 and Gult 2 for as long as I can remember)

  6. boosMom: ah, then you deserve this too. *hug*

    Loga: Sometimes I tend to think commy life is good. No choices, USA just makes life harder. In this respect.

    Naren: No issues, call me golty, gulty, guilty. No big deal at all for me. Can’t say if you get bad anon comments in your blog :-p

    sirop: Yeah, yeah. Denial rocks.

    wt: Thanku, and am glad you donno :-)

    terri: You are going to the land of riz, so don’t even think about it! :-)

    Praveen: Let me know if you running outa fingers while counting, I’d gladly lend you mine and toes too, if you’d like? :-)

    mystic: hehe, so many folks knowing me so well :-)

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