april 16th

A few events to mark the day

  • Lara Dutta turns 30
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Martin Lawrence celebrate their birthdays too
  • 3 days since the anniversary of the Jalianwala Bagh Tragedy
  • Titanic was mourned after going down on the 15th many years ago
  • Charlie Chaplin and Wilbur Wright are remembered. (barely)
  • 33 young lives lost after the VTech tragedy last year
  • US Post Office issues its first book of postal stamps
  • Harriet Quimby becomes 1st woman pilot to cross English Channel
  • The 1st railway line between Bombay and Thane opens
  • Exactly a year ago, Rads begins an 8-5 lifestyle at a new place that is as perfect as it can get. Finally. There must be some truth to the saying “Good things come to those who wait”
  • Sudden silence as whines, moans and dis-satisfied grunts peter down as the tax deadline passes
  • Cherry blossoms bid their goodbyes on the front yard

..and all the earth did was to take one small turn on its heel.

29 thoughts on “april 16th

  1. Thank you Baph! :–)

    Tomorrow will usher in what we hope for today. If not, there’s always another tomorrow.
    *end of early morning philosophy sans caffeine*

  2. Nice… A pleasant and concise post :) Every day in the year marks the occurence of an event since we have only 365 days.. But then how we take to each day marks how it takes on us !!

  3. Happy anniversary Rads, i can totally understand how this is like a milestone for you. Every single day is an achievement. Keep going.

  4. On April 12th i turned 32 and how?? all the earth did was to take one small turn on its heel.” :)
    anyway that was so interestingly put across to say everyday is not just another mundane day as we think it is.

  5. Mystic: Thank you very much!
    You’ve been MIA for a while now. :)

    WT, lucy: haha, nandri. :–)

    BPSK: At the amount of time I am sitting glued to my chair, all I am gonna get is a big fat square behind! :–)

    Schmetter: I always wonder why folks continue to live in the vicinity of AA! You poor thing! Still snowing there while the blossoms bloometh here..

    DS: haha, yea, and he’s celebrating it here in the town :–)

    Muni: Ennama, ippidi ellam you clueing in?
    I am quite sure nobody had coffee by then :–)

    Priya: Belated Happy birthday! So what did you do? Ate cake? :–)

    BoosMom: Thank you for seeing what I meant :–)

    Saagar, the newbie: Thank you! Didn’t have much time, so apart from keeping it subtle, bullets is all I could manage too :-)

  6. You can add another one to that list, I finally arrived to the East Coast :)

    BTW, thanks for the lovely online welcome to your part of the world.


  7. Rads,
    Yeah Happy Anniversary.

    Yes, all the fuss we make about so many things going right or wrong in our lives, seems soo petty, when we look at the biggggg picture. :–))
    Nice post.

  8. Praveen: Thanks.

    Giri: Been awhile! Hope all’s well. lol@50 – o come now, you being mean!

    muser: yea, it’s a year already. Remember the day like it was yesterday.
    o am sure you’re cuter looking! Lara is just all leg u know. :–)

    SK: haha, yea totally. Eagle eye view is quite humbling :-)

  9. sirop: What?! girl youre too young to go “forgetting” your birthday even on purpose! :-|
    Happy birthday!! Ate cake?

    Pavan: yeayea whatever. *sniff!

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