25 thoughts on “my fortune

  1. I am very tempted to don a-la-Kunti garb and declare “Whatever it is, all of you need to share it amongst yourselves!” :D

    That aside, pliss to decrypt. Oh and congrats, for whatever it is thats joining you soon ;).

  2. I automatically read it as K9, and then realised my error! However, it leaves me none the wiser.Please to elaborate. see how many of us are losing sleep over it!

  3. k4?!!!!! are you serious? 4th one on its way?! please to show me your feet. i need to do a little archanai.
    congratulations :D

  4. Wondering a) why did u have to ask ur husband about ur weight a coupla days ago?
    b)Why did u choose this date to announce K4?

    hehe kidding

    Hearty Congrats Rads :)

  5. Some who fell for it, and the few who emailed me, all I have to say is: Gotcha!

    Seriously, I know I am a little off the rocker, but number 4?! :-))

    Ones who spotted it: bah, you guys donno how to play :P

    Anyone check Gmail’s Custom Time? What a hoot!

  6. I actually told the missus about your number four. Many years ago, I had applied to hq for kid number three and was curtly told to first get myself wife number two. Ergo, she rolled her eyes at this piece of news and shuddered slightly, but still issued a firm nolle prosequi in re my original application, which is still pending.

  7. terri: er, thanks for clarifying. Was a little puzzled on what you were referring to.
    I actually am planning on shocking the husband soon by bringing in a pet that actually sheds. Once in, what can the poor man do? Right? ;-)

    Naren: So you saying I’ve become dinner table conversation?! :–)
    3’s a fun number. There’s always a scapegoat between them…

    daisy: hehe, oh cmon, it was good! Admit it!

  8. i had to read through all the comments to figure out what was going on.. first i was wondering what k4 was, and figured i’d ask before i google. then i kept reading the comments, and figured it was kid4, and realized it was also an april fool’s day prank. oh what a way to celebrate. fun,fun. <3

  9. Schmetterling: LOL@Russian mafia. :-D

    Yeah, some fell for it, some pretended not to, some sat on the fence despite it all. I guess with me, one never knows ;–)

    Shilpa: hehe, thanks.

    mayG: lol, so my prank was a success then? ;-)

    pavan: Thought you’d get K4 :–)

    Archana: You so fell for it! hahahaha :–)

  10. don’t joke about it too much girl… the next thing we know, K4 decides to indeed grace you with his presence.. ;D
    …shit happens, contraception accidents do too!

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