EXP date

  1. Fondness
  2. Resilience
  3. Happiness
  4. Relationships

Just like the pills we OD on, do these have expiry dates as well?


25 thoughts on “EXP date

  1. manufacturers stamp the expiry date on their pills. we, as manufacturers of the above, stamp expiry dates on these too. its upto us to stamp them with infinity as the expiry date :)

  2. you’re some sort of a genius.. a post as short as 4 words & a simple question and it has opened floodgates of thoughts, memories, incidents, feelings, questions, self-scrutiny…

    here are my two cents- speaking out of personal experiences:

    Fondness – umm not really, fondness is one of those evergreen feelings for someone unless s/he does something to put you off

    Resilience – if anything, I feel resilience is a skill learnt along the way, with each ugly setback I find myself wiser and better equipped to carry myself through the next.. the expiry date sort of work in reverse here..

    Happiness – works only if you stop looking up to others to “make” you happy and start looking at ways to “stay” happy yourself!

    Relationships – oh those need CONSTANT nurturing and effort, just like a car you’d send over for service on periodic mileage marks or a garden you’d not forget to weed if you care enough..

  3. Well fondness does have an expiry date for me. Im passionate about everything that i start with and then I just like it and then i get bored. btw good to catch up with u after a while.

  4. Maverick: Absolutely! Been a while, hope all’s well. It’s human nature to slowly get tired of things. :-)

    Amrita: I like the idea. Just like refilling a prescription… :–)

    mayG: Very nicely put. I feel the same way about resilience as well.
    Relationships. Yes, that too.

    guru: I like infinity too.

    Frankly, when someone said this to me – that all relationships have an expiry date, the idea was so fantastically absurd, I’d have believed flying pigs easier. I still think so, but that’s besides the point. :–)

  5. As a pessimist, I believe that they have expiry dates, and that it has passed. So, basically we are lucky if we still get them without any side-effects.

    p.s. Now that is a pessimist that sees a glass half full. How about that?

  6. Praveen: :–)

    Adithya: Re 4, so essentially we are lost in a daze and who knows when it’s all done and over eh? :–)

    OK: Yeah. I know. :–)

    Baph: Your “pessimism” is working for me. I suppose we are talking wrt one-to-one situations?

  7. Thanks Metlin. I was beginning to think I dropped out of some weird la-la land for being the only one who actually felt the concept of ‘expiry date’ was out of the world.
    As you can tell, am struggling a bit here…

  8. Fondness for me turns into a relationship pretty soon, and I do agree with the fact that relationships require a lot of effort to be kept together.

    As far as happiness and resilience go, I guess you are either born with them or not. Or more like, these are present in you when you are born, and what you make of them afterwards is upto you.

  9. Prestid: Depends. Do you see the glass half full or half empty? :–)

    Jam: I suppose. Being positive, it’s a die-hard attitude.

    Personally, it’s hard for me to stay down. So such extreme opinions and outlooks on life and its supposedly dastardly effects on human beings is hard for me to fathom, get.
    Not saying, I don’t get affected, I do, I just don’t let it spill over. I hope.

  10. 1,3, &4. yep. Pity they dont come stamped with them for us to know before hand eh?

    2, not a clue. wont read the comments above, have a feeling they’ll drag memories from under the carpet which i dont want dusted :D

  11. Rather than pills, a better metaphor may be muscles. All four items on your list will atrophy if not used.

    Or plants could be a metaphor too. All four will wither away if not nurtured frequently. So you could say a romantic weekend in the Bahamas to “save” a relationship is like using Miracle-Gro on a dying plant. :D

    Dr. BPSK Phil

    [the cynics among your posters – please, no flames :p ]

    @p.s. “there is no glass” :D

  12. bookworm: You have to hold onto that thing called “hope” dear. The one that chugs the whole world forward. :–)

    BPSK: Am in a charming mood this morning. You are let off easy! :–p

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