googler – 2 [eww]

This is precious! The latest search term by which some bozo has landed here is:

” telugu blogs dealing with hair f*tish “

Sure made my day. Feel free to smirk, laugh or poke fun.

Thank you.

15 thoughts on “googler – 2 [eww]

  1. Praveen: lol@Prabhu’s post.
    I see the template fine, and so do a couple Ive asked to check. Can you check your settings? Both Firefox and IE seem to be ok from here…

    BPSK: So much for consoling me. Gee thanks. :P

  2. That there exist in this world chaps who are looking for hirsute Telugu people and presumably not finding enough satisfactory ones, resulting in their landing up on your blog, is one of nature’s great conundrums.

  3. Praveen: Am useless with these settings and such. I scream an SOS and some kind-hearted soul comes over to help. So I am thinking if you haven’t figured it out, then am no good. I have been told my thoughts stay the same despite having no color. ;)
    Will do. Thanks :)

    Naren: No one could have said it simpler. Thank you :)

  4. [Praveen]: must be websense “cleaning up” some css and javascript, is that from workplace or consistent from other places too?

    [rads] what is startling is the reputation of blogs as an avenue for finding such info.. the googler believed (by insisting on the word: blog) that a blog must be existing somewhere to get info on such off-topic queries :)

    This link was the culprit

  5. @Rads: Sorry Rads am having a problem viewing most of the wordpress templates not just urs :(.

    @ Pavan: Hi Pavan I just discovered my IE browser is’nt recogonising any of the wordpress templates not just this one and even wordpress is taking time to open..wonder why? And how is it that I am able to view blogspot css and templates??? :( wud u care to help me if thats got to do anything with teh IE settings, I havent altered any though..its only the last 3-4 days this is happenning…and yeh its come desktop @ home.

  6. Lekhni: *mock horror* You telling me I am not already right up there on the top? :p

    Vijay: Yeah? Then it’s all good :D

    Silvara: Thank you for joining me in the ‘ew’
    arghh@tag! hehe, it seems fun, shall do it :)

    Praveen: Phew! There’s so much comfort in a group. Hope you get it fixed, coz you’re missing some nice piece of artwork up there ;-p

    Pri: I LOVE statcounter. Though sadly it sucks with WP :|

    Pavan: Thank you! :)
    But yes, weird huh? I was googling on some education and math stuff and I got a non-blog hit on the 2nd page!

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