tag – 8

I had earlier said 

” 1. Archana and Archana tagged me with 8 things to write about myself. [I am hoping to go through some changes so I can write about ‘em ;-) ]”  

This morning on my usual hopping along familiar haunts, the realization hit me, [not unlike bolts of lightning ]  that it was way time I get this thing underway. I am told, procrastination in doing the tag is fun for only so long, until the tagger shows up at your house with a rolling pin as Archana would or perhaps send me threatening emails every day like Archana  could. [I know girls, neither of you would even dream of it, but you know how it goes, someone’s gotta take the rap !] .

Also, I believe the proclamation in parantheses has come about, so hopefully maybe a couple of the following 8 would come as a surprise or an alors! to a few… So, dear A ladies, here we go:

1. I absolutely loathe crying. As in tears, not lumps in throat. Until recently, I considered it as a sign of weakness, and that I was made of stronger stuff, the kind that dads make their daughters. The respect, dignity and the confidence that comes with growing up in an all-female household, where the stress is not on the gender you are, but on making one a strong, independant person. Very few folks have seen me cry. A handful if I count. By this I mean not the physical pain [I was a crazy nut to insist on going through three natural child births without pain relief and tears] but the emotional kind. This should not be thought of as stopping the tears or the sheer force with which u steel yourself not to let the waters flow, but that it just doesn’t. The threshold so to speak is high. With age, I suppose we all succumb in various ways and loosen our grip on certain principles, and such is what’s happened to me over the last couple of months. I have let myself cry. It was cathartic.  The funny thing about having a good cry is that once the face is washed and looking ahead in the clarity, I am ready to kick ass. Again. This time, harder and stronger. 

2.   Am an earring person. Love them to death. Yes, you heard me right, not bags, not shoes, but earrings. The collection is wide and varied and I like them in all shapes, colors, sizes, and even prices. I refrain from counting the number of pairs I have only because the last time I did such a foolish thing, my mom heard the numbers and with precise calculations, certainly had an earful for me. I believe with the amount I have spent, I could easily retire in Coorg, or maybe even fund my daughter’s college education. It was a guilt trip I lasted on until I visited the mall that weekend. Some of course I don’t wear on the pretext of attracting the bizarre strange looks that could ramp up in no time if I step out in them. Frankly, I don’t care, the husband does, [did I mention we are poles apart when it comes to enduring the spotlight?] and occasionally I do have to bow to the man’s sensibilities. He is the dear husband after all. 

3.    I smile easily. Despite whatever the moment or space. That should not be interpreted to mean that I look like Bozo the clown or the Mad Hatter. Maybe I should rewrite to say ” I can smile easy” – there, that sounds close enough. If there’s a down moment, the easiest way to get me out of a rut is to throw me into a room with at least 2 people. So yes, am I proud of it, you bet I am. It’s my saving grace, and has been a lifesaver through the times. 

4.   I don’t have patience with stupidity and slowness. Yeah, it isn’t a virtue. Can’t help it. This, am saying with adults who won’t make an effort to do better. Can’t cut slack for ones who crib endlessly without helping themselves. I am not necessarily rude or impolite and neither do I hand out judgements [to them], but I tend to lose interest and scurry away quick. In the grand scheme, it has perhaps something to do with life and time’s speeds. Quite like the White Rabbit

5.   On a bet at school  in Madras,  a friend and I walked all of the school’s grounds, through the grand gates, along the sidewalk into the crowded bus stop, like penguins. Yes, we waddled our way, feet bent sideways, knees tucked and bent under our white uniformed skirts, groaning under our school bags and all this quite cheerfully, I might add. It was a cross between the Charlie Chaplin walk and the penguins we were told later by a couple of Loyola College  “heroes” watching us. We were in the 11th grade. If not anything else that came out of the bet, we instantly rose to stardom. Apparently smart good-looking guys with a set of brains [LC was full o’ them], liked girls with a sense of humor and who weren’t afraid to be funny as opposed to the hourglass figures and Lady Di haircuts. And, I thought guys that age were shallow, who knew?! The friend and I left the rest of the girls far behind with this single act, and to cut a long story short, it had its perks. 

6.    I can eat bhel puri  for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A favorite joke earlier on, among our uncles and family was that I ought to get married to a bhelwala from Bombay. No such luck, and the husband prefers Jhaal muri.  

7.    My voice sounds like a screaming banshee when I get hopping mad, angry or upset. Especially on the phone. The kids have told me that they’ve placed the phone a good 6 inches away, during such calls. I of course continue to stay in denial if ever am confronted with it. 

8.    I was a sore loser at card games. Tantrums, throwing the cards away, stomping off in a huff while husband and his siblings, cousins, friends laugh heartily at me. Last time I played a round was ’04 Thanksgiving. At least they chalked it to post-baby hormones, and I let them. Board games, Charades, outdoor sports I can handle, somehow playing cards, can’t lose. Gracefully. Ever. ..and am not even good at it!

   As with any respectable tag, I am supposed to tag a bunch of you. So the following bakras [read: blessed fortunate ones] please do the tag – Name 8 things about you. The quirkier, the funnier the better. More ammunition to make fun of you in times to come.

In random order:

1. Pilgrim- Last time only you and tdna weaseled out of doing the tag. It’s not like am asking for your life’s secret ambitions or skeletons in your crammed closets, so be a sport and fess up? 

2. Cydonian- Anything to get you to write. You express fantabulously, it’s a shame to keep it all in. Share. You did share in the sandbox while a kiddo didn’t ya?

3. BPSK- Maybe you’d make this a fiction piece and yarn us a story?

4. Schmetterling- Need to know :)

5. Shilpa- Am sure you’re all new now with the change in status and new blog and all, so spill?

6. Zhu- Coz you’re just plain funny and can write at will. Also, yes, your dinner meme is coming up next!

7. Pavan- Coz I have never tagged you ;-p

8. chronicworrier- I’d love to know you, you sound like a boatload of fun!

14 thoughts on “tag – 8

  1. “My voice sounds like a screaming banshee when I get hopping mad, angry or upset. Especially on the phone.” I agree totally!

    You are an ear-ring person? Woah! Me too. I used to love stealing my sister’s ear-rings. And I used to kinda hold ’em up to my earlobe in front of the mirror to see how they would look on me.

    (Is it just me, or do all my comments sound disturbingly feminine these days?)

  2. Boohoo – when did I threaten you like that :-(! Nanna-sa munna-sa innocent me with bambi eyes and all :-(!

    But I am glad you did the tag :-D! Your banshee stmt reminded me of what Chandler tells Monica in Friends (when she starts getting extremely upset about something and starts squeaking): “Ok, Monica, only dogs can hear you now” – heheheh!

    I love changing my earrings every so often. And to your easily smile point, please to add easily laugh too :-)!

    p.s. the story about the LC guys sounds promising. Please to blog about it :-P!

  3. Rads, in spite of posting about yourself regularly and way more often than most of us, you still come up with facts that surprise. And reading them, seem entirely in character – penguins?! Lol. What a sight that must have been. :D

    @baph- first the flowers, now the earrings. How many does it take to make a trend? :p

  4. on 2: reminds of a profile pic you had where you were emphasizing on earrings.. makes it evident

    on 5: kudos!

    on 6: heh, this should make bpsk shiver with fear of being predated ;)

    and the reason for me being the bakra is because I was never tagged, unlike others? aww, me hurted! *working on assigned HW*

  5. Pavan: lol@profile pic. I was showing off the 3rd brave piercing I got done.
    Goody, am waiting! :)

    bpsk: Ahh, see, I live a “rich” life. A mommy of 3 in the 21st century can’t just afford be 2 dimensional now can she? ;-p

    Archana: lol, o come now, I was just kidding. :)
    lol@Monica and Chandler. Thank heavens you didn’t say I could’ve sounded like Janice :D
    Yes, LC would make a nice post. At the very least, you and Terri would enjoy it! ;)

  6. rads, as you mention, that “smiling face” alone will help you sail through life :)

    On an aside, I thought Jhaal muri and Bhel puri were one and the same with different names. No, you say?

  7. Terri: Thank you, yes, I sure am banking on that :)

    Basic difference being the absence of the Tam chutney. That’s what ive been told, I still only make Bhel at home. he enjoys his on our visits to some bangla pals of his.

    CW: Thanks! :)

  8. I absolutely love earrings too. Adore them. I also buy plenty of earrings that I never end up wearing. At one point I used to always wear colour coordinated or “feel coordinated” earrings! :)

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