googler 1

Some guy/girl has googled “why am I such a loser” and has landed here at my blog.  What a way to end an otherwise boring Saturday!    

I actually fare in the 2nd results page. hmm..  


6 thoughts on “googler 1

  1. LOL :-D! That is hilarious!! Rads, of all the things I would have associated this blog with, loserliness is definitely not among them. Apparently Google is convinced otherwise – heheheh!

    p.s. how much in the dumps does a person have to be to search google for answer to such a question?

  2. Hey, what are you complaining about! if only you heard the kind of things people land in my blog with – one said ‘mamis looking for sex in bangalore’ or they come looking for ‘foot fetish’ or worse “bondage sex”… And here I thought I ran a conservative blog! Sigh…

  3. Usha: OMG, that’s worse :D I realized that even the comments get searched, so frankly, the blog has a personality of its own! :D

    Archana: hehe thanks for the faith! ;-)

    Prestid: Gee Thanks for sharing your readers with me! :P

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