silent p-ing

is a virtue!

This I was taught way back at school as  new 6th grader sharing the loos – as we flippantly called them – along with the big girls. High school taught a whole bunch of stuff to us girls, life’s little instruction booklet handed down the years.

  • How you wear black under a white uniform so the straps aren’t out there in plain sight for all the roadside romeos to ogle and lay bets on.
  • How you always sit crossing your legs at your ankles and not across your knees.
  • How you instinctively place your free hand over the back of your dress as you get up buses or frankly anywhere you are a few inches above the rest of the world.
  • How you always get someone to check your backside during ttom before we prance off into the crowds outside.
  • How you pee silently.

With such tutored thoughts I stepped out into the world. I am not quite sure if it’s my sudden awareness or women are different everywhere or perhaps maybe am just the only prude in town, but seriously ladies:

What’s with all the the yakking while you do your job behind the stall?!

This morning 2 ladies from the floor entered the restroom along with me –

walk in: talk talk on ‘ooo, nice blouse’ ,
get in, talk talk: giving each other directions to places, ?!
still in: talk talk: about restaurants
I left them discussing the fish in some restaurant near the base.

..and before you ask me what I was doing so long, the answer is – all this in a span of 3 minutes. How do I know 3 minutes, coz I had a meeting to run to, and I looked at the time.

Now thinking back, it’s always happened. I go in with a colleague and she continues talking after I disappear behind the door. She keeps talking and I pray that I do not have to answer here from within our confines.

From what the TV shows me I believe men do their share of convos at the stalls too? Recently on looking up something on annual reviews I came across an article where the guy walked into the restroom, and during the process of doing his thing, his Manager steps next to him and proceeds to tear this guy into bits, in other words analyse the dude’s performance with a few onlookers. Now there’s a scalding scarring performance review imho.

Next people are gonna tell me that they talk as in have conversation while in bed too. I know, I know, go ahead scar me!

17 thoughts on “silent p-ing

  1. Heh :). I do have the same problem, thankfully I never make those trips with a friend or coworker in tow, cos then I feel obliged to make small talk. But the odd times I do run in to a coworker, it weirds me out that they continue to chat while the other disappears behind the door. Yes, definitely weirds me out.

    And I thought I was the only one!

  2. Girls learn all that in school?

    I cannot pee silently. I always whistle a tune when I ‘do’ it. And there is something nice about ‘doing’ it in public places. Preferebly, at night by the side of a road, chatting with a few friends.

  3. terri: well, see, am talking of the silence from within too. That’s a more serious virtue.

    baph: Yea, we do.
    Side of the road? :O

    Altoid: Please always check with me before you think you’re the only weird soul. Most likely I’ve raced you there…

  4. Just the other day as I was about to do my business at the urinal, my boss comes along too. That’s when i realized that I couldn’t …um…go with him standing next to me. Most awkward 2 minutes of my life. As I zip up, he says, “It’s OK, you can try again after I leave.”

  5. guys acknowledge the presence of someone they know in the restroom by a mere nod, or utmost a “hi”, no lengthy discussions or chats..

    thought: wondering why girls make a trip to the restroom like a group therapy where one female is usually escorted by a support group.. nothing wrong, just an observation

    as regards to the ping (I read it that way, cant blame the servers I work on), seen the relevant lovebites video 1 and video 2?

  6. Cycling shorts worn under the skirt and sweaters tied around my waist got me through any embarrassing moments in school…and I was in a gurls convent…Go figure!

    Anyhoos, I was always curious about how men “go” if and when your manager or worse his boss comes and goes next to you…Isn’t it unnerving that your “performance” might be appraised???

  7. Trust me, no man would want to have a boss who grades the “performance” in there (oh well, most men, at least).

    You girls have no idea on social bonding, embarrassments, unwanted laughs, macho-i-don’t-care-but-i-won’t-flush looks, buddig friendship, blooming friendship, guess-the-name-of-the-new-chick, who’s-the-hottest-girl-in-your-team conversations which happen behind the opposite door.

    Come to think of it….it should be an interesting post….maybe in a day or two!!!

  8. Pilgrim and Dec Stud: Are you two from the same planet? :)

    Nandita: same here, all girls school, and no sweaters in madras heat, so prevention seemed a better option than otherwise. :)

    Pavan: lol@gang – I really donno! I’ve watched it happen too! Wonder why :|

    Prestid – ROFL :)

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  10. So I was in the Men’s loo at my old workplace once, splashing water on my face. The boss walks in hurriedly speaking into the mobile; clearly it was an important call, he seemed to be speaking with a colleague in Australia who was fronting the users.

    He was whispering into the phone. “So Shaun [name changed to protect the guilty], are you in a comfortable position to talk? Is there anybody around you?” You know, just so that there were no clients around Shaun in Australia, listening on their conversation like I was in Singapore.

    Only he was at the urine thingamajig, and had, by all appearances, just whipped out his weenie.

    I’ve made it a point to not have phone conversations while in the toilet ever-since.

  11. bpsk: LOL. Well, it’s different and not your average conversation over the dinner table so to speak! :P

    parijaatha: haha, please do. :)
    I wanted to suggest you convert this theme into a tag, a deliberate tag in this case ;)

    cyd: lol@story! This is actually fun, wish more people told stories on what happens behind closed doors …

    DS: One thing you must’ve guessed by now. Sarcasm don’t work on me, unless hugely blatant. Sadly, or maybe not, coz then the joke’s on the sarcasm-er :D

    [cyd, don’t even think about correcting me on this – I know, I just made that word up!]

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