14 thoughts on “weekend – Check!

  1. Wow! D1 must be a whiz. I am sure D1 takes after her parents (at least dad), who, if I remember correctly, is an IITian;).

    Well so you did miss D3 => missed hom:).

  2. I love taking the kids out to lunch. It makes me feel so grown up. I’m not sure about vacationing alone with them though – will miss the other adult too much.

  3. Terri: This wasn’t a vacation, but something that daughter had to go to, and son had something else going on back home, so we divide and conquer. :)

    Tdna: Thanks. :)

    Ok: It was a team effort, she had her role to play in it. Pitching for your school eh? :)

  4. Congratulations.

    You must be having the smartest kids in the world (not to mention the luckiest, with a mum like that). So whats next in the pipes? Is there like a national level Lego robot thingy?

  5. I liked the line “Feeling guilty about not feeling guilty about not missing home.” Double negative aptly conveys the dilemma.

    But you need to work your way to a triple negative – “Not feeling guilty about not feeling guilty about not missing home.” I know – easier said than done. :D

  6. SK: yea, it was! :)

    BPSK: Maybe one day, who knows what the future holds ;-p

    Baph: ah no, we trudge along just okay. Nope, no more lego matches to attend, for us. We are done for the year I think, much to the kids’ relief! :D

  7. I dig everything, and of course, one day do indeed aspire to spend such quality-time with spawn of mine own, living in heaven that is suburbia.

    Just that, I’m a tad troubled about the last bit on dreaming about legos and robots. What’s up with that? I mean, is it mandatory to dream of electric sheep to be a super-parent?

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