a christening

So BPSK  tagged me with the middle name tag. I already have 2 ahead of me, see girls, I haven’t forgotten you!

1. Archana and Archana tagged me with 8 things to write about myself. [I am hoping to go through some changes so I can write about ’em ;-) ]

2. Zhu tagged me with the dinner meme. [In the works and will be out soon, I promise you!]

This morning I wake up to see this middle name tag on me. The problem with that is I believe I need to have a middle name to begin with. A couple of things: my current middle name is so spectacularly uniquely identifying, that put that and my blog name together and I can kiss whatever shred of anonymity I claim to hide behind, a sweet goodbye. I can’t use my maiden middle name either coz hey presto, the INS and the family right after the wedding decided to go make that my first name! Can’t use that now can I?

Long story short, I don’t have a middle name.

I could use just ‘RADS’ as some of the others have done, but since I thought I’d put some effort into the situation – I know, I feel quite jobless despite a rush at work, and added to the obsessive fact that I can’t just keep things simple, here’s what I propose doing.
I asked folks around to give me a few options on what would be an ideal middle name for me and these are the monikers they come up with. Of course people went wild and suggested some un-describable and un-true names as well and I understandably had to reject them and keep the ones that I sorta identified with. Things I do to maintain the PG-13 ness of this blog ;-)

So now the onus is on you readers to choose which one you think I should choose. So could you be kind enough to vote. 

Pick one for me?

1. Lakshmi – so darned close to one of the names I was given a longgg time ago, but hardly identify with anyway. I mean, Lakshmi the good goddess and then there’s me…
2. Renee – Has that super cool French zing around it.
3. Scarlett – I sorta like this one, what with the character sketch and how she is made out to be. Sadly haven’t read the original version, just that she’s labeled spunky and I like that! And I do like the shade of red..
4. Giselle – Again French and I like the way your tongue hits the roof of your mouth when you say the name – but no way do I come close to the one who actually made this name famous.
5. Gaia – Terri suggested it, and though am quite sure am saying it all wrong, loved it!  

Shall do the tag once I have enough votes and no ties ;-p

42 thoughts on “a christening

  1. Renee and Scarlett, both being pretty hot on the Holly scene, give a tough fight. Using an intelligent algorithm (called akkad-bakkad-bambey-bo), my vote would be to prefer reading Renee Rads’ Diary.

  2. isnt giselle a type of deer-like/antelope-like animal? (LOL its the gazelle)

    and how come you dint name the person who suggested scarlett to you in the first place?

    i vote for Scarlett.

  3. I don’t know why but I thought of Mrignayani :-D! Sorry, I know I am supposed to vote for one of those names – but none appealed to me – so I came up with a new name :-D!

  4. Wow. It’s really been long. The comments section doesn’t even auto suggest my name and email id.

    Have been droppping by every single day like the good blog fan i am. Just haven’t been in a talking/ commenting mood lately. Have just been reading and absorbing and appreciating silently :-). Thanks for all the posts. Its a good beginning to the day when you have posted.:)

    P.S.: Lakshmi – toooo ‘paawam’ for you, i say.
    (‘See Nandita, its not nice to give opinions with minimal information.’)
    Anyways, me thinks, Kiara, is better suited.

  5. lol Nandita – you are kind and sweet, what I need for my morale. :)

    Renee – 1
    Scarlett – 2
    Gaia – 1
    Giselle – 1
    Mrignayani – 1 [seriously archana? :O]
    Kiara – 1

  6. @Archana: Whoa, this is stupefying, but as The-Artist-Looking-For-A-Middle-Name would agree, I was suggesting _just_ that name over chat. I was, of course, promptly shut-down.

    @Rads: You know what my vote was for, but it had nothing to with Brazilian models, merely Germanic roots.

    I, therefore, reserve the right to vote for two.

  7. Since write-ins and multiples seem to be allowed, here’s mine:

    write-in: Gaia is roughly the earth-mother, which is Bhoomidevi in India. So I suggest Rads Bhoomidevi

    If I have to pick, I pick Renee


  8. hehe, this is getting exciting.. only thing missing was asking us to SMS our choices ;) btw do we win *anything* if our choice tops? maybe a home-cooked 7-course Andhra lunch (with to-go option)?

  9. Pavan: lol@sms! :)
    Sure sure, Fedex overnight I believe does the job well :D

    BPSK: Bhoomidevi aa?! This is too much! Nope, am sticking to Gaia – at least it sounds mysterious ;)

    Cyd: I know you did throw in Mrignayani too, but cmon, it was Archana, couldn’t say scram to her!
    Well, I donno why you suggested Giselle at all – but that word springs to my mind all that I don’t possess – long legs, dewy skin, the walk.. *sigh.
    I mean,. a girls’ allowed to dream rt? ..and hence I liked it. The name and rooftop kick and all was just me being political :P


    Renee – 2
    Scarlett – 2
    Gaia – 1
    Giselle – 1
    Mrignayani – 2
    Kiara – 1

    O please, someone vote for Scarlett, or even Gaia [it’s short for starters!]!

  10. since you dint specify how many votes a user can make, i vote for Scarlett again.

    p.s. have you considered the possibility of someone voting twice anonymously? (maybe i’m taking this too seriously eh?) it’s just that i feel you are more of a Scarlett than anything else.

  11. I vote for Scarlett. I dont the character you referred to … Scarlett is a fav name of mine, always reminds of a very nice book called “Scarlett Pimpernel”. Scarlett is a kind of red.

  12. Baph: Seriously, what’s with tricking the system?! :)

    Kiddo: Scarlet’s a nice shade o red! :)

    metlin: Apparently so! :)

    KC: Of course you’d say lakshmi. I am not even sure if I should count that vote! You just like the name ;-p

    SK: Really? Seriously, Lakshmi and me? :|

    Btw, I am thinking some of you are just voting on the name you like and not if that’s an appropriate name for me hmm…


    Renee – 2
    Scarlett – 3
    Gaia – 2
    Giselle – 1
    Mrignayani – 2
    Kiara – 1
    Lakshmi – 2

    This is getting tricky!

  13. archana: Mrignayani = that’s 10 letters for me to ‘fess to :(

    Deitadi: Gampagayyali na? :O
    I am the embodiment of patience – and you call me gayyali?!
    Where’s that well I’d like to jump into? :(

    Renee – 2
    Scarlett – 4
    Gaia – 2
    Giselle – 1
    Mrignayani – 2
    Kiara – 1
    Lakshmi – 2

    So Scarlett it is then?

    Am torn between Gaia and Scarlett. :|

  14. If I may, I could put this poll to rest by bringing to your attention this nice SPB song whose lyrics are changed thus:

    “kabhie tu Scarlett lagti hai,
    kabhie tu Gaia lagti hai,
    kabhie tu Laxmi lagti hai,
    kabhie tu Renee lagti hai….”

    PS: replace “tu” with “aap”, but that was just so as not to make you feel like an aunty :)

  15. @deitaDi: Sankhini… anTé sankhyalatO panichésé vyakti, anTé kramakarta anA? leeka, prapanchaanni SankhinchE vyakti anA?

    @archana: Or, may be we all watched the same DD serial in a mis-spent (mine that is) childhood! ;-)

  16. orchid: haha, you are honest at least ;-)

    Cyd: There was a DD serial Mrignayni? hmm..How come I haven’t heard about it at all? o rt, never mind, don’t answer that question! :p

    Lakshmi: You make lakshmi sound cool. I’d just make everyone cringe while they refer me to it! :D

    Pavan: lol, Aren’t you a charm?! :D

    Kid: No can do, vote’s a vote :p

    OK: Tough luck, another time perhaps :)

    Prestid and Baph: Both of you are ridiculous! :p Such a lovely name and you have to corrupt our minds with your visuals.

    In any case, Terri or Metlin – Give us a clue on how it’s said? What does the name rhyme with?

    Terri: getting myself to do 1 name is hard in itself, you want 2?
    O heck, maybe I will do it after all.. It’s fun I suppose – more for you all than me. I shall pretend it’s Holiday Cheer am spreading ;-)

  17. Merriam-Webster pronounces it as “guy-aa.”
    BTW, Wiki calls her a “broad-breasted” godess. What in the world does that mean? Visuals are crowding my mind now.

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  20. rads:

    it is rather (nearly three months) late, and i might be messing with the statute of limitations, but as i never voted in the first place, i must suggest a middle name for you to use next time!

    ‘shabari’ it is!

    – s.b.

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