one of those days

Ever had one of those days when you do something stupid, as in like really really flippant and stupid? The kind that makes you wanna kick-yourself-stupid? Where you do the stupid thing and then think “man, that was stupid” and hit your head a few thousand times? If this stupid thing was sending a stupid email to someone knowing fully well that you wouldn’t get a reply? And even if you do get a reply, it would be the mother of all stupid replies? Coz well, your email was one of those that merited a stupid reply.

..and then of course to crown the stupididty, you’d go blog about the stupid email and the stupidity that follows such stupid acts for the whole world to know? So then everyone else can have a hearty laugh and console you with their own stupid acts. The kind that we compete with in for being supremely stupid for the crown prince/princess of Stupidville?

Yeah, it’s one of those days.  Just be kind to the poor stupid soul will ya?


20 thoughts on “one of those days

  1. Dushti: It’s a huge consolation. Thank you ;)

    Prestid: It’s just one of those dumb things females do and then whine and crib about it for ages to come. :)

    Terri: We are transparent to each other huh? :D

    KC: Thank you! :)

  2. One of those days? That’s every day for me! One of those emails I sent got forwarded some nine times to tens of different managers before coming back to me for comments.

    I, of course, quickly wrote that I still stood by it and left it at that.

  3. i can admit that i’ve done quite a few stupid things, and that i felt quite stupid about it. but i never went stupidly stupefying everyone with stupid tales of my stupidity in a post.

    but all said and done, this post is a stupendous achievement. :)

  4. Silvara: You certainly know how to make me feel better :)

    Leo: Thanks :D

    Pilgrim: What part of “be kind to me” didn’t you get? :|

    Zhu: This one’s a goner, though I am a hopeless romantic, so one never knows ;)

    SK: hehe, thanks :)

  5. Orchid: You so sweet :)

    metlin: At the grander scale, it’s ok for corporations and even Nature to do stupid things. We collectively forgive them.

    On the other hand the personal ones, they haunt you forver, like that teeny ketchup stain on your white shirt. You can scrub all you want, it’s there, glaring bright, at least in your head.

    alright, that’s just me being drama queen! :twisted:

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