16 thoughts on “yawn

  1. oh, I was suggesting twitter (the website) for short blurbs.. it is like a status message about how you feel now, what you are working on now, etc.. just to give others a head start as to your whereabouts etc.. I have to jump through 2 servers to get to your blog, so I tried to keep it short :) this ends my broadcast earthlings, back to alien farm :)

  2. Kiruku rads do you want to play that cricinfo fantasy league? Let me know. I am finding it tough to get some guys to form a league. They say it is childish. So I am turning to the ladies;).

  3. OK – Yeah, I know, it’s like fantasy football. Huge rage all over the place. Mail me.

    Giri – .. = speechless? :p

    Pavan – yep. WP doesn’t allow it, I tried sometime ago :(

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