a balkan vice

Succumbed and nibbled at a 4*2*2 inch heavenly soft yet crunchy, nutty, sweet, and a drop of heaven rich piece of balkava [typo intended as I am supposed to balk at what its made of!] that the hunky new Turkish dude placed strategically next to the horrid watered down coffee in the kitchen.

somebody kill me now.



27 thoughts on “a balkan vice

  1. Giri – no, this is a million times dangerous than paalkova :(

    Madsies – right, You don’t talk about that now.

    ok – Yeah, fatty insides too.

  2. Terri – I was scared to ask. A goodlooking, well-dressed, intelligent, softspoken Turkish dude who also cooks is a bit hard to take ;-|

    Parul – Nice of you to follow me :) Thanks, same here!

  3. Pilgrim – It’s always these quaint little tucked away from the bustle places that dish the best.
    Re title, think wordplay and give that logical reasoning mind a break. Balk, Balkan, Baklava :p

  4. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may diet :-)! Adhaan saaptaachu, aporam en guilt onnu vera. Though I do wish feeling guilty after eating delicious stuff would act as negative calories :-D!

  5. Mav – lol, but of course!

    Archana – Enna, ippidi titraay? ;-O
    Yes, I know where I am going to be at lunch hour today :(

    SK – Thanks for rubbing it in :P

    Dushti – you should. It’s full of sin girl, nothing but sin! :p

    Giri – I really don’t know, but am pretty sure we do, nowadays I know/hear we get everything in India.

  6. I had to read it 4 times before I figured out whether you were bighting into the baklava or the hunky turkish dude…
    I think..i think I got it now.
    You office does sound deary ;-)

  7. Nandita – I like the way your mind spins yarns :p
    Yes, God has finally listened to our prayers! :D

    BPSK – THANK YOU for picking up on that! :)

  8. Lakshmi – Will get you a pack when I come down. Recipe? Hmm.. let me check with the turk, I believe he’s married *humpff*

    Pratap – Nice seeing you back, in whatever form :p

    Pilgrim – I believe God doesn’t care for pilgrimages, prayers disguised as matter-of-fact ‘conversations’ help imho :p

  9. That was not thittifying :-( – I meant you enjoyed yourself, so why spoil it with guilt. BTW, I was thinking more along of the lines of merely feeling guilty and losing weight – not actually doing something :-P.

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