breaking up

For folks who don’t care for a sad breakup routine, I’ve shifted out to WordPress, and will not be updating this space anymore. If you’d like to read on how I parted ways with Blogger anyways, please scroll down, if not – just like the spider said to the fly “Step into my Parlor” – I’d say
ride the tunnel alongside me




Dear friend,

This is to inform you that I am jumping ship.

After a lot of thought and weighing the pros and cons of what we share over the past times – days and months, I am forced to re-evaluate our relationship. It’s been a good run, and both of us have had our share of laughs and teases. Both have gotten the best out of each other and honestly at this point in time it looks like I am at the short end of things. It’s been rough the past few weeks, and God knows, I’ve made a sincere effort to hold us together. I believed it was for the best.

You see, I don’t quit easily, and I trust very much. I trusted that you wanted to work equally hard on what we have together and so with a lot of steam I squeezed from within, I forged ahead. Letting little things go by, not allowing your little quirks bother me, and focusing on what happiness and joy you brought me. I brought you.

Up until a few days ago, like a bolt of lightning that usually hits me when I least expect it, I’ve noticed that you haven’t been living upto your end of the bargain. As I sat here rooting for us, it seems like you couldn’t care less about me. About us. With great disappointment and sadness I am forced to acknowledge that I have been made a fool of. From this sadness rose anger, fury, and to a large extent fatigue.

I do not appreciate being taken for granted. We are an equal opportunity partnership, or so I thought. This is a sinking ship what we are on. With just me putting in the hard work toiling at us staying afloat, while you cool your heels off, this is sure to sink. I can see us going under. Soon. I am tired and I don’t feel any more enthusiasm to labor anymore. Nothing’s free in life. Nothing.

I have my pride, and I respect myself too much to let you do this to me. I will not settle for less than what I deserve.

So, I quit.
I was told by a nice man once “To know when to quit and when not to is where a person’s wisdom comes in, and that’s how you separate the chaff from the grain”

What we once shared is not worth the time, effort and zeal that I have put in. In return I neither get happiness nor satisfaction. Surely you agree on your shortcomings and understand why I’ve come to such an ultimate move.

I don’t love you anymore, and perhaps not like you too much either. If it’s any consolation, I don’t hate you either. The situation we are in today is really, entirely your own doing. I sure hope you find your peace, as I have found mine.

Au revoir mon cher ami


Oh heck, I am moving to WordPress and that was my farewell to Blogger! New link – please update readers, bookmarks and blogrolls, if you’d like :-)

See ya on the other side!


24 thoughts on “breaking up

  1. rads, I might follow you soon. I’ve been thinking about it because I can’t comment on blogger from work but can comment on wordpress. Strange.
    BTW, as s.b., said, if you hadn’t mentioned friend in the beginning, this letter could have been written for someone else ;)

  2. That’s strange! Yes, come on over, am still toying with it, but looks good so far. The best part is I don’t ahve to remember all the places I hopped AND commented!

    re: the letter, maybe it was ;-)

  3. Oh come on. You can’t be serious, girl!

    That’s just the tequila talking. Sleep it over (don’t forget to take the tylenol tonight. Keep some club soda handy too). Are you sure you should be driving home tonight?

    Relationships are a pain in the keister, aren’t they? Men! Can’t live without them, can’t kill them!!!

    Maybe you should take a vacation together. Sometimes when you are walking hand-in-hand under the moonlight on some tropical beach, and look into each others’ eyes, you really remember the reasons you got together in the first place. Cancun’s the greatest. Get a tattoo together at Pablo’s Tats!

    Have you tried counseling? My home-girl Peggy Sue, she tried it when she was on the outs with Billy Bob, and it so totally rocks!!!

    Dr. BPSK Phil

  4. rofl bpsk :)
    That’s some serious advice there, so you think I should give it one more shot eh? The relationship I mean, I think I’ve downed enough tequila shots for the both of us :D

  5. Arre, I am a newbie to this blogging-shlogging. A dehaati from Ramgad who just started driving a Ambassador Mark 2 and thinks it’s a great set of wheels – you’re asking me if you should switch to a Honda City because it has automatic fuel injection and independent rear suspension? Sure, why not.


  6. Wow! Very well written.

    As Ramjee was saying, why don’t you buy the domain (or a better one) and get your own hosting! It’s much more fun to be in complete control

  7. RAds: coincidentally, i went thro the exact same thing yesterday – only, mine was a real freind. thanks for saving me the trouble of posting!!!- Kiwi

  8. kiwi – That sucks, I know. Hope you feel better soon.

    tdna – Thanks. I do like what I do, just not “wedded” to it for me to write such deep stuff :)

    bpsk – so are you upgrading as well? :)

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