A telugu art film with a difference

For more reasons than one, the movie piques my interest. I hope I will get to watch it.

Check Sepia Mutiny for a “review of sorts” – the comment section is quite entertaining! As is quite frequently the case, some comments offer huge value and then there’s always a few who highjack the thread/post out all the way to Timbuktoo.


Caught a bit of the actors/director interview for the premiere in NY over the weekend, and the girl is very sweet looking. For the fact that she picked up dance just now for the sakes of acting in the movie, she is expressive in the face. Just like a dancer. Eyes doing its rounds, and sideways glances, a hint of smile, shy yet assertive and plain happy.

Nice :)


4 thoughts on “vanaja

  1. terri, you’ve asked me a similar question before too. I should put togteher a list, and will do so shortly. Promise :)

    In the meanwhile, you must have heard of
    “Vanaprastham”? I loved it! Malayalam films pamper your emotional side well.

    anon – thanks :)

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