in the mood

for some Wonder :-) My favorite up until Salman Khan messed it up a bit for me. But Stevie still reigns!


7 thoughts on “in the mood

  1. I like “I just called to say I love you” too :-). MPK did not have Salman Khan dancing in the hindi version of the song – else I might have liked it better :-P (Salman looked SOOOOO cute in MPK).

  2. I guess Ram-Laxman are to be blamed more (and the music label that facilitated their purchase of the CDs).. thanks for the retro spin :)

  3. Does anyone remember actually seeing this video years ago when we were kids in India in some show called “Top of the Pops”? I loved this song then. Still do.

  4. archana, dushti – actually now thatI think about it – spb’s voice and Salman were quite nice, but still original is original right?!
    SK did look cute in MPK :)

    Pavan – nothing like a retro trip top soothe nerves :)

    Muser – now that’s a wonderful trip down memory lane. Unfortunately couldn’t watch it as freely and regularly as the rest of my friends could. Parents! :(

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