BS* version

Jane and Jack are leading negotiations. The 2 groups face off. It was a merger they sought. So each could benefit from the other.

Jane: Here’s what’s on the table. Bundling our top 5 products and allowing ourselves to trail back during the kickoff and merge.

Jack: It’s attractive alright. Just not sure if we’d want to move forward with it. We want to scale back, running low on bandwidth. So, our best offer is a match on the top 3 product lines.


Huddle at Jane’s corner: So what do you think?

Crap! He just pulled a Boulwarism* ?!
Can’t pass up on the merge, not now.
Long term strategic planning is the mantra.
Clearly, there’s a disconnect!?
Are we even on the same page?
Isn’t this a CLM*, at least for him?
And we do all the heavy lifting?


Negotiations re-open.

Jane: Jack, here’s what we will do. Q2’s been a rough ride, but Q3 and Q4 looks good from our place. We will offer the same 3 products as you wanted. We’ll even throw in the extras with no commitment from you, and do the grunt work. Risking a winner’s curse* with this in a way.
Jack, this is a win-win. What do you think?


Jack: We can’t decide. Yet. Circle back later?


* BS = Business Speak.
*Boulwarism = Take it or leave it offer
*CLM = Career limiting move
* winner’s curse = An immediate acceptance of offer, though the ‘winner’ doesn’t get a good deal out of it.


5 thoughts on “bull

  1. Problem’s with Jack. He’s either indecisive or isn’t in the position to make the decision for the company. Maybe he’s just plain dumb? BTW, you’ve received the Sex Tag! ;)))

  2. Thanks Muser, one voice for the female at least! :D A sex tag? You so have the wrong person, but for the benefit of blogkind, I guess I will have to do it. The tag I mean! :-p

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