1.06 AM

The lightning played a staccato against the walls like a discotheque gone mute. Summer rains brought in a cool breeze through the slightly open window. She pondered on getting up and shutting it, the carpet could get wet.

Eyes drowsy she sighed.

Long deep breaths while she felt him close to her. Across her hips, sunken waist, neck and face. Like a serpentine warmth shrouding her, masking her eyes and mind.

Spelling comfort, and lust. That was a funny combination, she giggled, refusing to open her eyes. Savor the moment she told herself.

Fingers traced the mole on his right shoulder, the curve of his neck, the hollow of his ear, smooth shaven chin, full lips. Emeralds pour over her face.

7.31 AM
Ouch. No. No.
Forced back, eyes squeezed shut.
7.52 AM
Nursing a bruise in the cold shower, eyes brimming, she cursed her nerves and the fraying pink skin. It hurts. Mustaches hurt.

18 thoughts on “duo

  1. And we have finally moved from PG to Rated R and beyond blogs. Please put in a message, “You need to be 18yrs or more to enter this site”

  2. Well written :)the piligrim: “You need to be 18yrs or more to enter this site”Or have seen at least one Bollywood movie :P

  3. subtle. there are 2 guys involved right? liked the way you connected them. your style is different. i like it very much. 1st time commenting:)maya

  4. usha – Thank you! :)Nandita – lol, Thanks :)Terri – She got poked alright at 7.31 and no, the mustache was not the only one. Mustache just hurt. ;-) Joey – Hmm, I suppose it is! I didnt start off with the idea, but good! :)Dushti – lol :)sb – don’t worry about it :)SK – lol, we have to have proof before we accuse ;-)

  5. Errr Rads. I dont follow. This is what I understood.At 1.06 AM she is with a guy. She likes him. HE IS CLEAN SHAVEN.At 7.31 AM the guy man-handles the girl. Correct?At 7.52 AM She is hurt. And she says the mustache hurts. Did he grown one overnight?There has to be something deeper in this. I am just not getting it. Explain puhleeze

  6. pavan – thank you :)ok – There’s a cryptic in there :)Check maya’s comment.deepa – didn’t get you. ps – lol, yes 3 day old ones do – not the 6 hour ones ;-)

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