Here’s mine.


Anyone else doing the colors?

Happy 60th all you fine desis :)

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36 thoughts on “tricolors

  1. I thought long and hard. I own NO skirts/pants/capris/footwear in green. Ditto orange. Only tops. I will have to settle for two out of three (four? incuding chakra) I guess. Which would be equivalent to normal work day clothes. Sigh!

  2. ha, i remember u said green top and orange flip-flops, so flipped it eh? :)mmmm jus thinking wat could i wear on my part, i cant wear a orange shirt or a green pant. so may be i’ll wear a white shirt, orange cap and roam around holding green salad in my hand :)

  3. tdna – Nope nope, played with the arrangement. I was going for the ad look :)

    Mav – hehe, thats perfect! Post a pic tooo! Yeah, I had to play around a little bit, what with all the pressure from the learlier post :)

    archana – nooo, ok, wear an orange/green top, and slip a shirt over it in the other color. That’ll work.

    OK – :D

    Pilgrim – repeat after me – “tricolors, tricolors, I will focus on the tricolors”

    Those are blue beads –

    Beads are around.
    Chakra is round.
    The colors are blue.
    That should do? :)

  4. rads:

    that looks nice. formal wear (for women) in the usa typically looks so drab (to me)!

    i tried repeating your mantra for pilgrim, and i came up with ‘try colours, try colours’ ;-). of course, fwiw, i am wearing none of the three colours!

    – s.b.

  5. Hey, managed to find white, green and blue I give up!!!! No Not exactly, I think my A girls have some orange bandana, probably will wear that for the evening :D – Vandematram :)

  6. madsies – Goody! Didn’t find any jhakaas orange chandeliers? :p

    sb – :)
    Well, a single letter makes a difference, and the world’s suddenly so colorful eh? :D
    Oh you should’ve! Couldn’t grab a white and a blue?

    Sreerama – thanks for clarifying! :)
    You have no idea the lengths girls have to go in the name of fashion. *sigh

  7. I am repeating:-

    try size try size try size … after the colors, come the size once u have managed the first part, the second part needs to be focussed now :D

  8. blue all the way, everyone seems to be ignoring the chakra, so i pledged i’ll elevate it. so blue jeans, striped blue T and blue flip-flops :), decorated my blog with the other colors though, come see :)

  9. Maverick – Nice colors! :)
    hehe, rooting for the forgotten eh? :)

    Sreerama – enjoy the time :D

    A Muser – I know!
    happy I-d day to you too :)

    Loga – totala :)

    Pilgrim – hehe, I have ADD. :p

  10. U gals r lucky..

    Imagine a guy with orange shirt, white belt .. with a blue buckle.. and a green trousers.. :P

    Happy Independence Day !

  11. hey rads — thats neat!

    Vande Matharam!

    we going to the nearby dabba to have some tricolored biriyani for dinner tonite. Howz that?

  12. upsi – dhaba, tricolor biriyani. wow! Where are you?! Can I come along, or better yet doggie bag me some? :)

    Bharath – some girls would like to call it a bane :D
    Don’t have to imagine hard, look at NTR and ANR’s movies from the 80’s ;-)

  13. dushti – good girl!
    why’d anyone notice – actually they should and could, but let’s not go there now :D

    You should go announce. I did. Everyone were quite entertained and I managed to draw the lunch break to 1.45 mts and then again we took snaps, so that was another 45 mts. ;)

  14. Wow, Green color footwear, interesting! :–))
    I wore white and green. Dont have anything in orange/saffron :–(
    Happy Independance. :–)

  15. leo – u too! Having fun? :)

    Pavan – lol, your eganesha was creative!!
    hehe, doubt patriotism did :D

    SK – I know. Actually it’s a pretty pair, wearing it with its own family makes it less ‘green’! :D
    2 out of 3 colors is good. :)

  16. My comment didn’t go thru! I swear I had commented on this fine ensemble…but who knows, I’m in such a daze these days…lol

    Hope you had a great Independence Day anyways :)

  17. preethzz – lol, yes yes, we know. This reminds me of my colleague – a Mr.J famous for my ‘sambar makes a 911’ post. He insisted that Ashoka Chakra was black in color! :|

    Silvara – daze is good, esp before the d-day :D

  18. Independence Day at the capital, awesome to say the least. India Gate was dressed up in the tricolours :)
    I swear I have extremely similar shoes in polka dots and navy blue. The thing in front and the tie ups are navy blue!!

  19. rads, you guys have no dress policy at work? That outfit in my establishment would have brought out the fashion police; but I like it! Right down to the cinched waist ….

  20. Terri – We do, we so do! Even on Fridays. But see, for this I set the stage. I spoke about the colors all 13th and all 14th that everyone were prepared for me being colorful! :D
    Cinched waist – what we don’t own we dream up in creation!

    Schmetterling – pictures? :)
    Espadrilles are fun, but if you aren’t careful with what you wear, you could look like a Roman in a toga! Experience speaketh. :)

  21. Roman in a toga! Hmmm. Not the look I would go for. I however did the lycra leggings, kurti and black leather stiletto tie-ups for dinner tonight :D Big Hit.

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