sambar makes a 911

The kitchen around noontime is a potpourri of aromas. Some okay, some good, and well, some not so good. To me. I can’t take seafood. Sorry.

So considering we are just 3 desis including me who’d remotely bring home-cooked desi lunch from home at any given day [I am so spoilt eating outside, but on an occasional good day, I schlep some leftovers too!]I was hit by this really yummy smell. Very sabji-kind, and I knew it wasn’t me [loved the Firhouse Sub btw] and I knew it wasn’t the other girl coz I saw her go into Panera. So it had to be Mr. J-who-turned-over-a-new-leaf.

So I popped my head into his office and say

Something smells wonderful. What did wifey make?

O, thank you thank you, she made those er what you call it.. idli, sambar.

Sambar? No, that wasn’t sambar. [in my head I go – Hello, am the queen of sambar!I know how sambar smells!] That smelt very northie!

Yes yes, wife makes special north indian sambar.



Sambar I thought was our domain, now that that’s hijacked, what should we get in return?

19 thoughts on “sambar makes a 911

  1. Hahaha! Now that’s a first. Maybe I should try it, too. Mix sambar powder and some sabji masala. Mum will scream hell and high-water, but it ought to be fun. :)

  2. LOL! I would take Chole. Btw mom’s sambar, rice and urla kelangu poriyal, I can happily have it everyday for the rest of my life. :)

  3. Let me guess, he also said sambar – like the deer – instead of saaambaaar. Maybe you can take palak paneer flavored exclusively with mom’s rasam powder. That should teach him.

  4. People – chole it is! Let’s add some nice madras masala and vathakuzhambu mix into it! :D

    metlin – you’re having so much fun with lana’s tastes ;-)) Keep me in the loop, I could use laughs during the day. :)

    Leo- Oh yes! Urla kelangu poriyal is heavenly!

    terri – LOL. He id say the ‘deer’ thingy. The best part is he says it with such confidence and pride. Occasionally heartwarming the way he speaks of wifey cooking, but still…!

    usha – lol. Actually now that I think about it, do we even have southie recipes with garbanzo/chickpeas/channa? Except fro sundal, I cant think of any…

  5. i guess we’ve kind of done most of the stuff, we have our parante n our samosas neways if we gotta get one more may be ill take rajma, those r yummy

    btw thx for stopping by at my place

  6. Hi Rads.. thats funny. BTW let me share a secret, a typical Iyer housewife, my mother tried chana one day. I swear it smelled very much like sambhar!! Ha Ha!!

  7. Yaaay to Chole :D. I actually remember mom making sundal kolambu with scraped coconut and all. It’s yummy as always. :)

  8. Leo – :D
    Me thinks you need to make that trip home sometime soon after all :-p

    Musings – moms do have a sense o humor. I guess they need that to retain sanity [life’s own lessons speaketh here :)]

    Maverick – Well, a blatant swipe never hurt!
    Of course, thanks to you too :)

  9. Unfortunately, I have to say, North Indian Sambar is no match for South Indian Saaambaar (and my apologies for saying all tamils, telugus etc as south indians)

  10. maybe you can play a cassette of kabir dohe sung with a typical south indian accent :-). you could use ms’s 11 compositions in 11 languages cassette …

    but seriously, that sounds like my kind of sambar, i.e., the kind of sambar i would make (and eat, no kidding).

    – s.b.

  11. pilgrim – I forgive you :p

    anon – Somebody’s here! :)

    lol@kabir dohe and mss, if maybe we search hard enough we should find a rendition somewhere. You make sambar with sabji powder? :O

  12. sinusoid – we are all sticking to channa and rajma! :D

    Upsi – No, he’s married 9 yrs he proudly claimed last week. I am not sure what’s happening, but all this love in the air is sure depressing me. I mean, 1st this, and then you read of Terri’s contentment and devotion, and there’s that fellow declaring his love for his girl on top rt corner of my blog, and to think valentine’s is still 7 months away!

    I think it’s time I did something about it! ;-)

  13. quote from cricinfo:

    “Missing banner of the day: Time was when Indian fans would arrive at a game in England with those hand-painted banners that said Give ’em Curry. No longer. It would be a futile taunt anyway, given how eagerly the English have embraced curry, or their version of it anyway. “

    do you have a colleague from uk? maybe there is another version of sambar out there waiting to be tested (and tasted) …

    – s.b.

  14. hmm.. i guess it high time us southies get a patent or somethin.. else b4 u kno it Macs gonna start rolling out “Samber Burgers” :D

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