bee in the bonnet

So these 2 songs have been buzzing in my head for a few days now. The visual is appealing only if there’s some understanding of the story, but the music and the voice in itself are a pleasure to listen to.

‘Nuvvena’ from movie – Anand


‘Manasa Vacha’ from Godavari is even better because of Unnikrishnan’s voice.


8 thoughts on “bee in the bonnet

  1. You know what, Anand is the only telugu flick I have watched ! On a friend’s recommendation, me and my roomie watched it on a drab sunday and boy, we did like it !

  2. dushti – you and I are peas in a pod! ;-)

    sangeetha – yes, Music has achieved its purpose when you are able to think back on the tune. Irrespective of who composed it or who sng it or who danced for it :))
    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. madsies – I know you commented, just donno what you wrote and where its lost, but I can imagine what you wrote! :-p

    Kamalini looks cute and Shekhar Kammula rocks :D

  4. That manasa vacha is indeed a beautiful song. I watched the movie mainly because of that song. UK comes out with such gems now and then.

  5. madsies – blogger doesnt like to be ignored. It’s payback time! :D

    ok – yes yes, and am so proud of it :p

    muni – ditto!

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