Off to TANA 2007

DC is full of telugus the past few days.

16th TANA is happening, and we are off to share our 2 cents. It’s gonna be one huge circus, save a prayer for me.

Am sure I will come loaded with photos and hopefully unscathed in my memory! :)

Have a good weekend y’all.


9 thoughts on “Off to TANA 2007

  1. Wow, have fun … are you part of the organizing committee or something?

    Surprised to know NBK seems like a nice guy. After that shooting episode at his home, I developed a very low opinion of him.

    Did you get to meet anyone else? Ileana? Naidu Babu? :)

  2. Wow! That sounds like a major production! Do let us know how it turned out. We’re not even a part of our local chotu Indian association, so this sounds positively scary.

  3. terri – It was a circus alright! Plan to blog, just hope I get the time, next week it ain’t looking too good at work.

    dufus – yes, me and my ‘cantsayno’ big mouth get roped into all sorts of committees and the like! Met a bunch o folks, and some were a surprise and some were well, snobs. :D

    orchid – didn’t get to see Bill live, but the speech was televised during breaks, and it was good. As always. I love that guy! :)

    ok – am a telugu-tam as much as my kids are Indian-American ;-)

    muni – You say brave, I say dumb! :)

    It was fun actually, am pickled to the bone! I am so done, you can stick a fork in me! :))

  4. Rads,

    Just catching up with your posts, ROTFLed at the ‘would it kill you to leave a comment’, and here I am :–))

    Have fun at TANA, will watch out for the pics. :–)

    Enjoy reading your blogs, as always.

    Hope you do remember who this is. ;–)

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