running late

I feel like the bunny in ‘am late, am late, for a very important date’ song – I know, that sounds corny, but I can’t for the life of me remember what the rest of that song was, just that we sang it a whole lot in school. Elementary school.

Anyways, for a change, my head is swimming with ideas and thoughts to blog about and am not able to piece them out and make coherence. There’s of course the time issue, and then there’s that little thing called inertia.

There’s this Tag I need to do, and a summer camp post on DesiMomz, 1 on family- extended in particular, 2 posts on the kids, 1 on survival, and 1 on Telugu. Am sure there’s more but these surface for now..



14 thoughts on “running late

  1. ok – you have a crystal ball eh? :)

    Joe – would this work?
    “All work and no play
    drives Rads readers away?” :))

    dushti – more like get off your lazy bottom and write! Will do :)

    tdna – some of us actually ‘work’ during work hours :p

  2. Yess! Of course it’s from Alice in Wonderland, how could I completely space that out?! *horrified*

    ..and now I have the 8th element to my tag. Thanks kiddo.

  3. The bunny you’ve talked about is the one in Alice in Wonderland, isn’t it? For someone whose ideas for blogging were in shortage, you’ve come up with a nice post!!!
    Have a good Sunday afternoon :)

  4. Deepa – we all have our downtime eh?

    Orchid – Weekends are crazier for me, I retain sanity only Mon-Fri :)

    Jonice – Yes! Alice in Wonderland. Thanks for commenting ever so nicely :)

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