find Kiran

Came across this site and felt the need to post it.

A young man is missing in the Yosemite area and there are efforts on to find him. I am not quite sure what and how anyone could help, but I am pretty sure a small prayer and a moment in reflection by one and everyone who read this will make a difference. Needless to say if you are in the area and have some time to spare, perhaps you could get in touch with the numbers listed.

Hiking and the like are adventurous sports and I have immense regard for ones who take that step. As with anything else, risks are huge and despite the best of precautions things can go wrong.

Hope all ends well…


5 thoughts on “find Kiran

  1. I know, I used to check the blog everyday, many times a day. I was hoping for some miracle. Alas, God wished otherwise.

    He is in a much better place now. God bless his family and dear ones.


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