verse 1

A squeal and a jump
Quick shuffling to the door
Always on cue
As the chime hits its shrill notes four

A sparkle
A widening to a grin
The man scoops his adorable win

Porcelain arms
Chain the bronze neck
Hugs and kisses all around
With no one to keep it in check

Eyes mirror the love
When joy takes on a different hue
It seems sweet and simple
When you hear a “Daddy I love you”!


15 thoughts on “verse 1

  1. artnavy – you’ve been busy :) Thanks – this was one of those moments that happens every evening, but somehow 2 days ago, it touched me dearly.

    WH – Pablo Neruda is an amazing guy. I was a huge fan while in school, still enjoy his works. This verse was meant to be fun nothing on the lines of good poetry as I used to once pen.
    btw, am old fashioned, I like a rhyme in a poem – especially when I write it. :)

  2. balaji – am sure it has something to do with your little K as well. You know, our daughters share the same name? :)

    rhyme’s a rhyme a rhyme rt? :))

  3. Thanks rads. I am no expert but I think thats a good bit of poetry. I read it out aloud to my roomie and he noded his head. That means its good! I havent got a nod from him this last 1 year. So there you go!

  4. hello hello,
    didn’t realise you were bac and that too with so many posts…..i like the poem! (i could never write one for the life of me!)

  5. I typed a longish comment, but it looks like it never made it to your inbox.
    Even though I don’t understand poetry, despite having studied it for three years, I liked this verse for its simplicity and transparency.
    And the scenario repeats itself in homes across the globe :)

  6. i like to rhyme poems too. but it certainly takes away a lot of the original expression when you move yourself into the rhyme groove.

    but yes, sometimes it naturally falls into place, and then, is pure joy!

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