geek boutique

ok, not to sound rude or anything but came across this website selling tees, onesies alike with very ‘science, math’ oriented sayings.

Check out some more interesting designs here

Nope, not endorsing anything, just thought it was funny, witty and interesting.
After all I love geeks ;-)


12 thoughts on “geek boutique

  1. dna – you should! After all you are in geekvalley :p

    Metlin – lol, if you don’t I will just ship you guys a pack when it’s time ;-)

    S – hehe. Some are quite tangential…

    Pilgrim – thanks for coming over too lol@recovering :)

    dushti – tell me abt it! At least once a day I wish I could travel back in time..

    Deepa :) not buying any?

  2. ah, good q. Well, back in the good old days, when substitute for mother’s milk was being researched I think a Dutch/Euro guy came up with a mix of flour, cow’s milk and a few other products that came close to the composition of breast milk. As scientists and researchers that’s the best they could name it maybe? – Scientifically, it is a formula?

  3. Hi. I actually run the site Thanks for the possitive feedback. I was looking for the email of the person that runs this blog to send a free shirt but I don’t see a contact method listed anyhere.

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