khosla ka ghosla

Loved it. Very real, down to earth, believeable, and comical.
Quite the usual dysfunctional middle-class average Indian family setting. Each on their own trip on how they want to run their life and along with them take the rest on a ride as well.

Boman Irani rocks, and so does Anupam Kher. The 1st opening song – Chak de phattey- is very catchy and I hear another Kher is responsible for the rendition, Kailash Kher.
Here’s a story recap. [honestly can’t believe wikipedia has a stub and an entry to movie too!] A rediff masala version here

Once upon a time quite long ago, my father was an Anupam Kher and we watched him battle a long drawn out civil court process as he valiantly fought for his land. We did get it eventually, but I can imagine the notorious folks who actually get away with dadgiri and goondagiri.. Despite the not-so-pleasant memories, this movie made me chuckle and laugh and of course as it is bollywood, quick happy endings seems a given.

Kids liked it. That’s for you Terri in case you reading…


8 thoughts on “khosla ka ghosla

  1. Oh u r back after a real long time! Missed you!
    Heard this movie was more of a documentary kind of.
    But if it is soemwhat related to the land nabbings and court sessions…it sure is worth I guess, especially with all the inflated prices and behind the scenes happening in Hyderabad!

  2. Rads,
    what’s with the lack of posts or should I say the reduced frequency?
    Loved the movie too – The quintessential dyfunctional Indian family!
    the cast did justice to the roles and despite the dark humor the movie was thoroughly funny :)

  3. Thanks girls. Just been a lil busy, not in the productive sense of the way at all tho’ ;-)

    Madsies – it’s refreshing from the glitzy ones that are rolling these days. Maybe that’s why it’s been called documentary?

    orchid – hehe, anupam kher’s expressions were priceless weren’t they? :) Youve been busy at ur blog, good going!

  4. You know, you should have a category and rating system on your blog. That is, you could generalize this movie to be belonging to a particular category (e.g. comedy) and give it a rating, say 3 stars out of 5 or something.

    What say?

  5. hwanted to see it so badly.. it keeps coming on tv.. but with a zillion commercials to boot. its such a pissoff need to go get the dvd!! and love the song :)

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