clinton vs obama

In the news for a while now, this year’s presedential is going to go down in history for a few obvious reasons. Have been following both the contestants’ careers awhile now and I admire each for their strengths and willpower. They are amazing, each bringing their wisdom and charisma to the centerstage.

A win-win situation from my camp, I’d be more than thrilled to see either of them become President. It’s time America put into action what it’s been “preaching” and mildly working towards. Equality and Freedom for all.

Obama just declared to run.
He is expected to face two daunting challenges, one to raise up to $100 million for his campaign and the other, to compete with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, among many others, in what would be the longest and most expensive presidential campaign in history.

As a reflection of the recent past, we are living in an awesome era and time.
If am this thrilled, I can’t imagine the partying at the anthropologists and historians camps! ;-)


8 thoughts on “clinton vs obama

  1. US politics is so confusing for ppl like me who’s more than half ignorant about his own country’s politics. Democratics., republicans., somebody else wins the elections but still the president doesn’t change. Scary stuff !

  2. Me 2..something about them. I am really excited for the both of them. The presidential elections will anyday be more interesting than reality T.V itself!

  3. Well.. What can we expect from this change… America taking over the remaining oil reserves outside the us and russia it doesn’t alreadey own.. that includes – er.. Iran (Khomeni, beware) and …. yeah… Chavez… you better watch out.. you were too voluble…

  4. havent been seeing you much lately

    i like the sound of obama but after reading hilary clinton’s autobiography i would like to see her win

    then again it is not a very informed choice since i have not read obama’s life story

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