under work, kids school, and some unsavory characters who are sapping my energy like heartless leeches. Need to squish them, so donning my war mask for the next couple of days. Once I come back victorious, I will hopefully add another dimension to my “brag” post*


* Tags that Archana and mommyof2 have asked me to do, and Ive been waiting for all stars to line up to start on that!

** grrrr, arghh and &^%##%&^#*&$^ **


10 thoughts on “drowning

  1. I do not know if you drink, but nothing like the odd drink to calm your nerves. :)

    Lay back in the tub with a drink and a book, with Handel in the background.


    (of course, this is also the point in timme where the dog decides splashing into the water right after drinking from the potty is a great idea)

  2. lol@dna. Yea, I guess… this afternoon, if am left alone :)

    artnavy – hehe, I love chocolats, especially ones with a crunch.

    usha – nice imagery, almost feel like Jhansi ki rani! :D

    metlin – that would be ideal wouldn’t it? Sometime soon I need to schedule time with me. Forget the dog in my case, it’s more like the baby comes charging in!

  3. i still wonder how you mothers even have time to blog. the minute i step into my house, my son is all over me. wants me take him out etc etc.

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