dandia 06

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It was awesome. 4 hours non-stop, sweated buckets, laughed and danced the night away.

The best part of it all was the little one keeping her finery on and not ripping it off or complaining about it from 5 in the evening till we reached home past midnight. I almost dread her teen years. :|

A lovely end to Navratri celebration.


17 thoughts on “dandia 06

  1. That is a lovely pic.

    “I almost dread her teen years. :|”
    Well, if last night is any indication, you both should do fine :)

  2. ohh i was jus like her when i was young abt the jewellry bit.. but like overnight i have developed a love for them.. the junk variety tht is.. she’ll change not to worry :) btw she looks like a dawl lol..

  3. Thanks everyone. :))*gush gush*

    She does worry me, if she is like this now at 2, what will she become when she is 12? and more importantly how would I take it :D

    terri – she has the curls alright! The only one who couldn’t escape my genes :D
    My son is 10 :)

    archana – junk jewelry is divine. Even if she doesn’t like it, I will make her :D

  4. balaji – I couldn’t go any closer, she’d change, twist or run, just to frustrate me! She was looking at one of the older kids trying to teach her, and she didn’t like it very much :D

    Mommy2 – I stilll havent done Archana’s tag – ok, next week pucca. If people are willing to read about me, am more than willing to oblige :))

    JC – too much. :) again I say kids are what the parents make them :P

    artnavy – :)

  5. I dont know about your kid, but if I was in that position at that age, I’d have said, “Soooo… these candy sticks, can they hurt?”

    (Or rather, to be precise, I would have wanted to say,

    “హే జననీ, ఎరుపూ, స్వేత వర్ణమలందునున్న, అమెరికా దేశస్తులు చప్పరించుచూ తిను తీయగా నుండు తినుబండారము వలె నున్న ఈ కట్టె పుల్లలతో నృత్యమే కాదు యుద్ధము కూడా చేయవచ్చునని నీకు తెలుసా?” )

    I had to wait for another ten years to start to actually appreciate the point of pardner dancing. Teenage dharma, as a friend calls it. :|

  6. lol@cyd :))
    for a second I felt like I was in Maya Bazaar or something.
    Antha swachamaina telugulo raasi enti ee chitravadana?

    you should try it, I hear it is the basis of many a fine ‘relationship’ :p

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