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This is what am hooked to these days. Within the 1st week, I’d tried out all flavors. .
Colombian, Java, French Roast, Italian Roast, Vanilla, Espresso Roast, Decaf [ugh], Breakfast Blend, Exotic Chai, Japanese green tea, Green tea, Choco, Milky way.

Some, I downed, and some went down the drain.

The system works this way. You grab a pouch of the flavor you want, slip it into the slot, and the brew fills into the cup under. So there is this little bin which collects all the discarded pouches, and once it’s full the ’empty bin’ sign comes up. So everyday someone gets slammed with emptying the bin. I am slammed almost every alternate day. It’s not a big job, but it’s annoying. No, am not complaining, but I wonder at how my timing can really be so perfect!

Today, after I picked up my cup, the sign flashes.

aha! A nice way to start Friday. :-)


9 thoughts on “empty bin

  1. Hey rads! Talk about timing. Even i wonder where mine is when invariably miss my bus when i’m actually sure I’ve come well on time.I understand how wonderfully ur friday must have started! Hope it went on well!

  2. hehhe. I guess you might as well resign yourself to the fate and start enjoying beinga girl scout and doing the good deed of the day!
    So many flavours – oops, and any teas?

  3. random – yes, it’s just like the line you wait in almost always goes slower than the other one! :-)

    Archana – why thank you! at my age, I’ll take anything ;-)

    usha – nono, there are 4 teas. Japanese green tea [tastes like seaweed, bleugh!], jasmine tea [tastes like u are drinking mallipoo], english tea [bla as the english weather] and my favorite exotic chai. It’s a bit watered down, but hits the spot at 3 pm :-)

    shilpa – thanks :) was fiddling around with the template, and decided why not!

    Preet – o, am sure it isn’t too far. Every time I come down there, the gap is getting smaller. It’s all good :-)

  4. Well, maybe you should try doing it a little before or a little after. ;-)

    Or hang around and wait until someone empties the bin and then do it — that way, you can be sure.

    It’s like the line at Starbucks every morning — if I’m early, I go in and tell the barista what I like (I know them all very well) and then check my mail and head down, pay and get the coffee.

    If I’m late, they just have a cup ready, waiting for me (they know my preferences) and I pay later.


    Usually it annoys the others who are waiting there in line, though.

  5. Haha. Just like me getting the last cup of coffee everyday automatically getting signed up for making more coffee! just like people have their favorite tasks, tasks have their favorite people too, I guess ;)

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