one bride asked me a couple of years ago – so tell me, me and S are friends now, we wil remain friends forever won’t we? Getting married shouldn’t change anything. Just like you guys, right? – I said yes of course.

when conversation dies, so does the warmth.
does a marriage shrivel then?

mera man ye bata de tu
kis aur chala hai tu
kya paya nahi tune
kya doondh raha hai tu
jo hai unkahi
jo hai unsuni
woh baat kya hai bata
kahe dhadkane tujhse kya
ye khud se na tu chupa


5 thoughts on “question

  1. m – more like into the night. It’s the usual deep stuff! :D

    kc – yea. I enjoy the song and more especially the voice singing it.

  2. getting married does change things. We tend to make the other person more to what we want them to be than accept them with their differences which probably attracted us to them in the first place. Why?
    If we can continue to be friends forever first that would be a sure recipe for happiness, I think.

  3. not tht i have been married.. or want to.. but how can a relationship sustain on silence?? communication is the core… wihtout it anything dies…

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