picture problems & blogger…

Some consolation I am not the only one limping with picture loading problems!

There is comfort in knowing you do not stand alone when facing problems, especially technical ones. At least I donno how to fix it, so am totally guilt-free.

so will some nice soul also let me know if they can or cannot post pics, so I will accordingly rant and rave or do the victory dance around the bonfire in my backyard. Thanks.


7 thoughts on “picture problems & blogger…

  1. You could try uploading the pics to another free photohosting website (e.g. photobucket.com) and include the pic in your blog post — that’s usually a good alternative.

  2. i had the same prob! but downloaded flickr and now i can post pics from my yahoo mail account itself. its very easy. this is coming from a techonology challenged person.. so try it

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