as weird as it may sound…

petite figures rule!

I mean, cmon, it’s almost like the men have this need to “protect” the petites. I am proud of my height and my confidence, but somehow there are times when I seem to be at the “short” end of things – no pun intended!

It’s not the first time, but Ive noticed enough of these barely-five-footers going ‘ooo, I can’t eat anymore’ and flutter their eyelashes and the men go ‘aw the poor thing, she is done long ago’  and not to mention an overwhelming outpouring of chilvary, opening doors, picking packages for them, being extra sensitive and extra understanding, when it’s really just an act!
Men are quite dumb if you ask me. I mean, how the hell can’t they see through a facade?


*end of rant*

ok, I was just extremely annoyed with this lady colleague of mine, but I do mean what I just said! Humpff


4 thoughts on “as weird as it may sound…

  1. KC, you are a very sweet person :-)

    I was just cribbing about how men treat a physically shorter woman compared to one who is taller and more forthright. It’s a generalised opinion, based on random incidents – especially one that happened at work recently.
    ippo okay va?

  2. LOL :-D – I can totally totally empathise! My 5′ 7″ height coupled with my independent outlook ensures that “chivalrous” males don’t fall over themselves trying to “protect” me!

    The “fragile” females with fluttering lashes definitely need a good kick!

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