blog via email…


I have stumbled upon the “secret” path to post frequently and extensively on the blog!

I feel like a 6 year old in one of those Enid Blyton’s books. Doing the circuitous route through the hedges and the woods, with prickly thorns across the path, getting tears along the skirt, and feeling tired on reaching the secret cottage in an English countryside. On reaching the secret hideout, she wonders in amazement as to how all her co-runaways manage to arrive unflustered and frequently, and are always raring to party! 

So yes, Ive discovered the blog-via-email! aha!

For the un-initiated, here’s what you have to do.

Login to your account, click on your blog, settings, email, and the 2nd box has an email you create for yoruself.

Start shooting mails to that email id and they magically appear on your blog!

Thats a relief for me, as logging into blogger reqd a special secure link, and it was a pain. Explains my almost negligent ramblings as opposed to some of you, and thus making me a very boring un-interesting person ;-)

nice feature!

ps – my K1is rolling on the floor laughing at my 1st couple of lines. she says “mommy, eureka? that is so 1700’s” and with a fake british accent “I have stumbled upon…., o my god, mommy, that’s so ancient!”

pfffff, kids these days.

I’d saved this draft last evening, and am now mailing through my gmail from work. Good stuff.


2 thoughts on “blog via email…

  1. ha ha…… sure, kids these days r too gud!! even I feel ancient speakin to some kids nowadays!!

    and yeah I am doin gud, howz u doin?? new update on the blog :-) chk out!!

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