saying no…

is hard.

But yet, it’s like one of those unavoidable things in life….

Going to the dentist
Fixing a leaking toilet
Waking up Monday morning
Paying bills
Getting married

It’s a learned art, imho.

Some people are born with it,
some learn it,
some suck at it
some thrive on it.

I hate it.

Yet, I hate it less than I hated it even a few months ago.

The saying is true ‘practice makes you perfect’
Am far from perfect,
Am on the path.
Better hobbling there than never to have started at all.

Saying ‘no’


3 thoughts on “saying no…

  1. yes madsies.

    archana – Please don’t get me started on emotional blackmailing. It’s one huge scam :|

    thanks for dropping by. :-)

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