kcit kcit kcit

..that’s me turning back time.

i wish I could,
i wish I could
flip the time switch back

take me back a decade from now
as i buckle and gasp
from not reading the know-how
life is a mess
life is a pool of cess
life couldve been hell
and yet life couldve been swell

dressed in white coat
hair in a knot,
working on the coughs and peering through clots

that was 15 years ago
o my time does cast a woe

let’s fast forward
let’s be nice and see what we did afford
2 sets of pitter patter toes,
a sweet home in a suburbian row
java of both sorts make me right
one in the morning one at night
brushing shoulders with young ones
matching my wits with their natural strains

i hated the logic
i hated the analogies
i loved the taco smells
and i loved the college id
writing a piece o code was so easy
yet, it just wasn’t my cup o tea

..and so i battled my demons
C, babies, and my own fancy whims

now I am in shatters
picking up the pieces
i feel useless
when i know am not,
hell, who cares for pride,
who cares for passion
all i want is a bloody paying job!

– rads


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