decipher these words?

Updated at 6 pm eastern

mamma = mom, mummy
dada = daddy
akka = akka , sister
anna = brother
dydy = DVD – she is hooked to ’em
pesil = pencil
lala = shower
bubu = bottle, milk especially
yum = yummy snacks or candy
gape = grapes -esp red
jakkit = jacket
shu = shoe
banky = blanket – the fluffy ones
sok = socks
yeg = egg – scrambled egg
seet = sit
jus = juice
pian = piano
pupu = poopoo – u don’t want to know!
uggy = hug
pytti = pretty – used at least 10 times in a day!
ju = juttu as in hair in telugu
keem = cream as in moisturizer
pantt = pants
upp = upstairs
avvo = hello – her style is unimaginable!
bayyybi = baby in tv, book, wherever
baanii = barney – the purple dinosaur
diapehh = diaper



11 thoughts on “decipher these words?

  1. well, to me it looks like some cutie kiddo’s mazhalai!!

    ‘kuzhal inithu yaazh inithu enbaar tham makkal mazhalai sol kelaathaar’!! appdinnu thiruvalluvar sollirukkaaru!!

  2. pesil = pencil
    bubu = milk
    gape= grape
    shu= shoe
    baanii = barney

    He he! some of the words that i cud make out, thanks to A1 and A2 :)

  3. madsies – no points for you coz you are also swimming in baby boo-boo ba-ba talk! :p

    SK – yea, it is actually very sweet hearing the words. My lil one is 23 months old, and these are the best times ever.

    KC – am just a simple madrasi speaking edo oravalu madras tamil. Nee eppidi enna kozhappuna eppidi? U taking revenge coz I called you samiyar eh? :(

  4. appdi ellam illeengo… theriyaama sollitten!!

    btw tat was very sweet!! u r still mentionin as ‘lil one’!! lil one is boy or girl??

  5. KC – haha, it’s so much fun to tease you :-) The lil one is a girl.
    Shilpa – Video eh? That’s a whole new story. The moment she sees me with a camrea, she starts behaving like she’s videotaping me! palms close to her face, squinting away – and the whole ‘natural’ video is gone! I should employ candid camera settings hence on…
    Muni – yea, i know :-)

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