background checks

Background checks on applicants
Background checks on new hires
Background checks on Govt employees
Background checks on airport handlers
Background checks on passport applicants
Background checks on nannies
Background checks on toddlers
Background checks on…. wait a sec, did I just say ‘toddlers’? what? what the heck?

A friend calls me in splits – alternating between rage, anger, laughter, and confusion – that apparently as she was cruising around for a day-care for her 20 month old, the lady-in-charge asked for 2 payments of $75.
One $75 was an application fee and the other was for the background check that they would run on the 20 month old once the application goes through. She thought she mis-heard – surely, the lady must mean, credit check or background check on ME or the dad, but nope, she had heard it right.
Through the confusion she stammered out a ‘excuse me but why?’ and the answer is “we need to see if the 20 mth old got kicked out of any other daycare centers for various reasons, not excluding, biting, screaming, bad behavior[read behavioral problems arisen due to familial disturbances], frequent colds, coughs, abuse etc”

My friend was quite amused not to mention quite apalled and disgusted.

which age and where are we living?!


4 thoughts on “background checks

  1. yea thats crap about the backgroud check for toddlers. I heard about that too when I was looking out for my toddler! I really wish we could just have our “AAyamma”‘s g’child or some one like that to take care of ours now!So we are sure of “all” the backgrounds involved!(he he he)

  2. My God ! Its so hard to believe they do a bkg chk on toddlers !! Ppl have gone nuts !!

    wat next…bkg chk on the baby while it is still in the womb before the Hospital accepts a mom in labor ?

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