comics parallel my life..

It is always fun to read comics rt? If there’s an irony twisted to it, it’s even better! Like by sheer clairvoyance, the authors seem to know what happens with your life, like they are peeping in through these holes into your home, and then they go use it to humor the rest of the world with it!
Baby Blues always provided entertainmnet in a ‘laugh-at-you-own-situation’ kinda way, but over the past couple of days, it’s hitting closer and closer home.

Odyssey of the mind has a challenge this year – Jungle Bloke – a character that can speak to and understand animals and help them out with a problme they have. Broom&hilda captured that effect 2 days ago…

..and then Dilbert had a strip yesterday about requirement gathering. This one really cracked me up.

ah, life’s little quirks :–)

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