surya – wow

I finally decided to start renting tamil movies and picked up Gajini. I missed seeing it in Madras as I was leaving the day it was released.
Anyways – after gaping over Surya in a larger to life billboard on Mount Rd near Chruch Park property, I noticed the local desi guy had it in a 2 day rental. So this afternoon I slide it in and as is our habit at home started the songs – we flip to watch all songs before we watch the movie. Somehow I think it eases us into the movie, and also the kids don’t feel too cheated when we decide it’s PG-13 or R.

I thought I was over the juvenile, shrieking demi-god he-is-so-hot drooling over guys and well, I realized I wasn’t.
He is a true eye-candy. :-)

Surya is a spitting image of his dad Sivakumar, but today’s youth, with all the frills that luzury brings, contact lenses, hairstyles, and attitudes, not to mention the aura of technology – they have it made for them. Here’s proof –

Get this, I dinno there was another cute-looking bro in the family – Karthik Sivakumar.

Proud Papa :-)

[Pictures taken from Indiaglitz and]o btw, Gajini is one heck of a cool movie. Anniyan and now Gajini – I am beginning to remember why I always liked Tamil movies more than Telugu. The tamil movie-makers don’t treat their audiences as blubber-fools. Good for them! Some telugu movies are playin catch-up, and well, that’s for another day and another post.


7 thoughts on “surya – wow

  1. hey ther….I had totally forgotten abt ur blog..until I saw urs at shilpas site..

    Looks like I havent missed much though..
    so how u been…looks like u jus got back frm an Indi trip :-)

    PS: As a matter of principle, I dont bother much abt Heroes..:-D

  2. Hi Rads,
    Dont know if you r the rads from DSS.. but.. nice blog.

    Used to like Sivakumar.
    Surya is cool. Though I could not stand Ghajini! :(

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